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Supreme has the new Alltimers decks available, in addition to a restock of Snackman tees, which are sold out online and won’t be back on for quite some time. (New ash grey colorway!) Labor still has the Jesus piece deck available online, though you’re out of luck if you’re trying to skate an Oscar winner.

Perhaps the greatest “lost clip” to ever surface online: Mike Carroll doing the most exemplary kickflip and frontside flip possible at the Brooklyn Banks in 1995.

Iron Claw Skates in Puerto Rico. What’d we tell you?

Zered is having a part in the new Transworld video. He’s been on a tear lately. Here’s another clip of him at the newly cellar door-ified House of Vans too. (“Have you seen the new Transworld video, Outlines?” = the 2010s’ “Have you seen the new Transworld video, Subtitles?” for the dyslexics.)

Speaking of Transworld…if any of the editors read this website, let it be known that it’s kinda sorta frustrating when you guys give Jake Johnson second billing in a clip that he has one trick in :( Wes Kremer footage is always nice though. Since the trick in question is a no comply, all aspiring no compliers should consult the GX1000 Vine for further examples of proper form on loop.

You’d think people would run out of new ways to skate Love Park, but the ollie-ollie-ollie nose manual line that Nik Stain does is cool. The hour-long Skate Jawn video is online in full, by the way.

NY Skateboarding has a new interview with Steven Cales.

Kent Uyehara talks about the original FTC shop team, and the whereabouts of Drake Jones, a topic that gets brought up all the time despite Chrome Ball having done the research on that one years ago. (Only omission: “Do you ever get frustrated with the meteoric rise of a prominent Canadian with the same name?”)

#TBT on a Monday: Traffic reboot teamrider, Luke Malaney’s part from Chapman’s Short Ends video (2007). Features guest tricks of the #emergingblackcelebity before he emerged as a celebrity.

Spot Updates: This could’ve happened anywhere from six days ago to six months ago, but the building moved a planter in front of the rail gap at CBS.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: “What are you up to tonight?” “Is Steph Curry on TV tonight?” Also, in likely the only Knicks news to get reported here throughout the past season…some dude in Staten Island got arrested for threatening James Dolan.

Quote of the Week:


God bless Twitter keyword alerts.


An Interview With Lurker Lou

Lurker Lou ruined skateboarding. When he snapped Matt Militano’s board during Slap’s One in a Million show (not even first try!), he singlehandedly took away all the fun there was to be had in riding a skateboard. We sat down with Lou to discuss why he is so hell-bent on destroying skateboarding, and why he hates America’s children.


Where are you from, and how did you get into skating?

I’m from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The actual town is Dennisport, which is a small town, kinda white trash, dead all year, crazy in the summertime. My dad used to own a liquor store, and it had a drive-thru, and all these kids used to skate in there. My older brother had two friends who skated, and they sold me a used board for super cheap, so I started going out with them. I was turning 11, and they were 16.

How’d you end up moving to New York?

That was all Zered.

When did you originally meet him?

I met him when I was in 8th grade, he was the talk of Cape Cod. I never got out of my town to skate much, but as I got older, I’d go to other towns and link up with different dudes to skate. I met Zered at a contest. He won, and I think I got 3rd place. He lived two towns away, and after that, I just started going to his skatepark. He got on Zoo, and they got him an apartment here with Billy [Rohan] and Brian Brown. I’d just crash on an air bed, then Billy got kicked off and I took over his room. As soon as I moved here, we started filming Vicious Cycle.

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