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Photo via the Shady Homie. Pre-order TF at 1: Ten Years of Quartersnacks here.

Really confused with what’s going on over at the Girl camp… Guy and Koston leave after 20+ years, and in the same week, we find out that Forrest Edwards got dropped from Zero — yet there hasn’t been a single sighting of Forrest’s face with the word “welcome” under it on the Crailtap Instagram. Anyone know what gives?

Gonna have to agree with Kalis on this one. This guy is insane. 2015 Q.S.S.O.T.Y. frontrunner. No clue why he didn’t skate to “Stick Talk” though.

“I honestly get wet. I could listen to him ramble on about skateboarding for hours.” Apparently chicks dig us because we don’t care about them — or just care about skating with the squad way more than chasing girls and that’s hot? (And maybe because we steal from them?) However, pretty sure no skateboarder or human has ever turned down sex in order to listen to The Weeknd unfettered. 56 Nights? Maybe.

Those pipes on the eastern side of Trendy Triangle were appropriately #trending heavy this past weekend. Pretty sure they won’t be there tomorrow. Pipe it up while you can.

Five-minute montage from some bros in the Bronx.

Village Psychic has a rad new “Trip to New York”-ish video / Grady Moquin and Shane Brown part, with a cool vibez and sick spotz + a fire Quim Cardona cameo :)

Reynolds shuvin’ in ‘n out of noseslides.

Thanks for the book review. We tried and shit.

Friends Section” is the new seven-minute video featuring the KCDC squad. That *almost* at House of Vans @ the ~3:48 mark is absolutely nuts.

Interviewing people in bars is *IN* this fall: part two of Gino’s “Free Lunch” where he breaks down the common phenomenon of watching someone’s part and not being able to remember a single trick, and Zered has a quick one for What Youth.

Every (most?) tricks done down Hubba Hideout in six and a half minutes.

All of these people / tricks are absurd.

A day in beautiful Paterson, New Jersey with German Nieves. It ain’t about Fetty Wap.

New midtown marble.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week:You used to boo me on draft nighttt

Quote of the Week

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 12.05.03 AM

Plies been getting a lot of burn for that ig’ “Ritz Carlton” video this past week, but just remember that only a few months ago, he came the closest anyone has come to peak-Young Jeezy levels of motivational speaking since…peak era Young Jeezy.

End of the Month / Seasonal Depression Links

This forecast is absolute murder. The ghost of winter 2010-2011 is definitely going to leave many reminders in our springtime recovery efforts, as well.

Japanese MTV ran a New York sightseeing bit on Supreme back in 1996. It’s a time warp into what skating seems to have looked like fifteen years ago: World Industries boards still up on the wall, a copy of Mouse in the video display, bulky-ass skate shoes, Triple Five Soul being down Lafayette Street (That actually lasted much longer than 1996, but unless you were trying to keep swooshy cargo pants or army green bucket hats with stash pockets alive, that probably had little bearing on your existence), and Nas in his Raekwon-envying, confused, chipped tooth era.

Assuming you’re like most people who skateboard and check Crailtap regularly, you have already seen this. In case you missed it, the latest Mini DV Drawer features the B-roll version of Mike Carroll’s masterwork of a downtown Los Angeles line from Fully Flared. I wonder what the original fakie flip inclusive rendition was, before it got switched to the switch frontside 180 / backside flip combo.

Although this website has never really been on some naïve message board nonsense by dwelling too hard (or at all) on skateboarding’s duo of most visible representatives (aside from occasionally complimenting Ryan on his New York based skate tricks)… Sheckler and Dyrdek are really fucking these kids up by endorsing something called “Bill My Parents.”

Some late-90s New Jersey footage from Robert Brink over at Already Been Done. It’s an over four-year-old upload, but it’s new to me. Features some raw Tim O’Connor and Pancho Moler footage, plus shots of the beloved Hoboken Ledges.

The Chrome Ball Crack Rock Incident presents the Hubba Hideout photo collective.

A token Norwegian has done his best in channeling one of the more difficult endeavors in Southern California schoolyard bank skating, by skating the parallel six-stair rails at the brick section of Columbia from the actual incline. Well done.

There are some new ledges in Boston, they look beveled, but the good ground would probably make up for that. Hopefully the snow covering the northeast right now thaws out by July.

Howard Glover has uploaded the Brooklyn section of his Pre-2K video onto Vimeo. Half of the four minutes is set at the best spot to ever reside on Kings County soil. Billy Rohan insists that the Parks Department stores all of the marble they remove from renovations in some warehouse, i.e. it never simply gets thrown out. We should write up a letter telling them to keep their skate parks, and just install a few skate friendly plazas throughout the city with already-skated-on marble.

They have security guards watching that stupid wall on Bowery & Houston now. Art game is intense, bro.

Quote of the Week:Tanqueray is like drinking a Christmas.” — Ben Nazario

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Day Shift

Saw a new video on 48 Blocks (embedded at the bottom of this post) and got hyped enough to go looking for some lifestyle-y SF photos from the nineties.

Somehow wound up on Flickr and spotted this Ramondetta photo (yes, obviously, it’s not from the nineties) from Travis Jensen’s Flickr page, with this write-up below:


“My office is located on the 6th Floor of one of the Embarcadero Center Towers in downtown San Francisco. The view overlooks world renowned skate spot “Hubba Hideout.”

Located in Ferry Park, in the heart of The City’s Financial District, Hubba Hideout consists of two waist-high ledges that align the stairs of the elevated walkway connecting Ferry Park and One Maritime Plaza. Hubba, if you don’t know, is slang for crack. The spot, which sits on a slight hill surrounded by large trees, earned its nickname in the early ‘90s, as it was a popular incognito place for individuals to congregate and smoke crack, high-level execs in tailor-made suits included.

Now a popular afternoon drinking and weed smoking spot, throughout the 90s and into the early millennium, Hubba Hideout to street skateboarding was like Maverick’s or Pipeline is to surfing, meaning you didn’t skate there unless you knew what the hell you were doing. Many a skaters have gotten their asses handed to them on a platter messing around at Hubba.

In the early millennium, the city and many businesses were able to curb skateboarding with the induction of skate-stoppers (steel knobs affixed to ledges, handrails and other surfaces to prevent skateboarding). Hubba was one of the first spots to go. The spot has since been de-knobbed by local vigilante skateboarders at least ten times.

Although there are currently no skate stoppers on the ledges, the city has removed a good chunk of the landing area and replaced it with gravel, making the spot virtually unskateable without lying down a sheet of plywood, masonite or metal.

Occasionally, from the 6th floor of my office, I’ll see skaters — tourists mostly, sizing up the ledges. Very few actually skate them. They mostly go there to pay homage. However, on the day this particular photo was taken, I heard the clickety-clack of skateboards and looked down to see professional skateboarders Peter Ramondetta and Brian Anderson, photographer Gabe Morford, and a couple other cats that I couldn’t make out. Peter and Brian were gearing up to get down on the ledges. I took this as a que to get my camera.

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