How Far We’ve Come


Here we were thinking the double-kinked rail at Paine’s Park was stupid…Is a triple-kinked rail the most useless thing ever installed inside a skatepark? (For everyone except the guy who decided to darkslide down one, obvs.)

What’s the last #game #changing trick that actually affected you? Do you remember the tricks in Nigel Hudsons’ part? Do you even know how many stairs that guy in the fedora grinded down? When was the last time you were bothered to count #a #lot #of #stairs? When did you lose track of the tricks that went down Hollywood High?

Will pros still get mad at us for remembering their notable flatground maneuvers with a greater fondness than the “stuff they killed themselves for?” Will they ever understand the “Gravity v.s. Relatability” theory? Has anyone asked a #game #changing pro if they are disgruntled with the fact that Pete Eldridge still owns the title of the most notable thing done on a skateboard in the past eighteen months?

Did Jim Greco ever think that the tasteful homages to his childhood favorites in his best part since Baker 2G would reach so far in such little time?

Has anyone suggested that the “goof off” section at the end of Menik Mati predicted a lot of what happened with skateboarding in the 2010s?

Will skateboarding’s concession to #normcore be that we collectively stop caring how good tricks are, and accept the old “skate 4 fun” adage that gets mumbled more than it gets practiced in #game #changing circles? e.g. will Nigel Hudsons’ next part be heavily influenced by Genesis Evans? (BTW is the Chrome add-on that filters the word “normcore” from webpages available for Safari yet?)

Or will skateboarding accidentally propel itself into irrelevance the same way rollerblading did in the late-nineties, because it will soon just start to look silly?

Did YG’s album leak yet?

Anyway, here’s a guy darksliding a triple-kinked rail (Note that not all of the hard-hitting questions above relate back to a guy darksliding a triple-kinked rail):

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