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Macgyver ain’t liver than a Big Tymer…

Happy skate industry P.R. initiative day. The new Lower East Side / Manhattan Bridge / Coleman skatepark is opening today (a bunch of photos of the completed park here), we’re having record-high temperatures in the northeast, and may be twelve hours away from living in a world where Eddy Curry is a NBA champion (F that, OKC in 7) — but those aren’t the biggest stories of summer 2012’s first full day. Skateboarding’s Library of Congress equivalent, Skate.ly/library, uploaded the 2003 Lordz video, They Don’t Give a Fuck About Us A.K.A. the video that stole the switch backside 5-0 copyright from Brian Wenning A.K.A. maybe the best Euro video ever, in full. (This relates back to the best Euro sweatpants skater post from three weeks ago…)

So if you’re staying in today, and cranking up your ConEd bill while enjoying the invention of air conditioning, watch it in all its Euro-ized-versions-of-classic-rap-instrumentals and perfect-spot-having glory.

When I watch TDGAFAU now, Daft Punk and them have added a new dimension to the already-intense Euro Theater of the mind–an aural counterpart to the pristine football field-sized marble plazas, Louis XIV-era office buildings, and textbook switch back 5/0’s, hinting at what lays in wait post-sesh in the city of lights. Marfaing–up there on the short list of dudes who should be millionaires from skating–tattooed his name on the metaphorical ass [nullus] of a spot like few others have. Has there ever been an iller dismount than his catch on the f/s tail flip out?Frozen in Carbonite on TDGAFAU and other Euro-related topics.

Last Year: Can’t Go Skateboarding Day

So, it’s pretty hot outside today

The thunderstorms are said to be on their way to cool things down.

Despite the June-September heat in New York, summer (and somehow the period leading up to Christmas) has maintained to be the most productive update period for this website. We have persevered in past summers, regardless of the easy temptation that comes with sitting on a bench, drinking beer, and staring at women for five hours. Here are several key summer clips, dating back halfway into the previous decade.

2006: From the first summer of the website’s existence (originally started in the fall of 2005.) Features one of the finest flatground frontside half cab flips to be done throughout history, early footage of the beloved DUMBO bump, and perhaps the only know documentation of The Crow, the infamous FedEx security guard who carried a knife on his ankle, hence the “I’ll stab you right in your fuckin’ face, you asshole!” part. Personally speaking, it’s one of the best clips to be on this site. Break out the fried rice and rib tips for it.

2007: The summer “Wipe Me Down” came out > The summer “B.M.F.” came out. Includes the controversial nollie flip that sparked the BRENGAR VS THANDO beef, and Jake Johnson footage!

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