Slow News Week / QS Print Edition


Yeah, it was a slow news week. Between non-site work, and something that was supposed to go live yesterday getting canceled, there hasn’t been a lot going on.

As many of you may already know, Nike has taken the reigns with New York’s Go Skate Day these past few years. You also might know that this site has minimal involvement/interest in Go Skate Day each year. However, in conjunction with the “Skate Safari” barge they built for this year’s festivities (Register here, it’s for one weekend only, and actually pretty cool because they remade the small Banks, Pyramid Ledge, etc.), they released a commemorative GSD-themed ‘zine.

In it, we had the chance to interview Bryan Chin, one of the true unsung pioneers of skateboard documentation and media in New York. He ran the first New York skateboarding website, (which later became, and started the original “All City Skate Jam” with absolutely zero sponsors. From there, it turned into Go Skate Day / Skate Industry P.R. Day, and you know the rest of the story. It’s good to give someone the credit they have long deserved, because a lot of people even from here forget that the skate jams were initially a Metrospective/ABC Skateshop creation, not a 5Boro one. There’s also a lot of talk about the early incarnation of the skateboard internet, as Bryan was one of the first people to put skate video clips online in the mid-nineties a.k.a. a big influence on this site and every local-based site like it. Grab an issue of the ‘zine if you make it onto the barge park this weekend. Maybe it’ll get posted here one day for people who cannot get the physical ‘zine.

Have a good one. Be back next week with actual updates.


400 Degreez > 500 Degreez

Macgyver ain’t liver than a Big Tymer…

Happy skate industry P.R. initiative day. The new Lower East Side / Manhattan Bridge / Coleman skatepark is opening today (a bunch of photos of the completed park here), we’re having record-high temperatures in the northeast, and may be twelve hours away from living in a world where Eddy Curry is a NBA champion (F that, OKC in 7) — but those aren’t the biggest stories of summer 2012’s first full day. Skateboarding’s Library of Congress equivalent,, uploaded the 2003 Lordz video, They Don’t Give a Fuck About Us A.K.A. the video that stole the switch backside 5-0 copyright from Brian Wenning A.K.A. maybe the best Euro video ever, in full. (This relates back to the best Euro sweatpants skater post from three weeks ago…)

So if you’re staying in today, and cranking up your ConEd bill while enjoying the invention of air conditioning, watch it in all its Euro-ized-versions-of-classic-rap-instrumentals and perfect-spot-having glory.

When I watch TDGAFAU now, Daft Punk and them have added a new dimension to the already-intense Euro Theater of the mind–an aural counterpart to the pristine football field-sized marble plazas, Louis XIV-era office buildings, and textbook switch back 5/0’s, hinting at what lays in wait post-sesh in the city of lights. Marfaing–up there on the short list of dudes who should be millionaires from skating–tattooed his name on the metaphorical ass [nullus] of a spot like few others have. Has there ever been an iller dismount than his catch on the f/s tail flip out?Frozen in Carbonite on TDGAFAU and other Euro-related topics.

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