Weekend Viewing: Austin Kanfoush in Fuck Yinz Vol. 2

NFL playoffs begin tomorrow, and the weather was nice enough to warm up just in time for the weekend. In honor of those two facts, here is Austin Kanfoush’s part from Fuck Yinz Volume 2, which the homies over at One Up Skateshop were kind enough to let us throw online to share with everyone. It definitely has more football Steelers jerseys than any other part in the history of skateboarding, so it should get you psyched for either hitting the streets this weekend to enjoy the tolerable weather, or getting drunk by 5 P.M. while watching football. The part is also edited to what eighty-percent of the Quartersnacks office would consider their favorite song of all time. All those Juicy J solo mixtapes and duets with Wiz Khalifa are cute and all, but they don’t take away from us having gone over six years without a legitimate Three 6 Mafia album (Last 2 Walk was garbage, obviously.)

With that being said, Quartersnacks is still a one-sport, basketball-only sort of place, and we probably won’t mention the NFL for another few years, unless Roctakon starts a column or something. Good luck to your team if you’re into it. Football is cool because L.A. doesn’t have a team though.

There’s more footage, photos, etc. from the One Up crew over at FuckYinz.Tumblr.com.

Video Review: Fuck Yinz – Volume 2

A few weeks back, the crew at One Up Skateshop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania sent over Fuck Yinz Volume 2, their 30-minute promo video from earlier this year. The DVD-R came wrapped in a size small digi-camo tank top with their logo on it. The G-Man, who once received a medium tee from Vinny Raffa only to respond with “You don’t have a 2X?” lamented it was not a few sizes larger.

One Up is the only skate shop in Pittsburgh, and it is run by a friendly, tight knit crew, that has always been accommodating with sharing spots and skating around with us whenever we would make the six-hour drive out there. It’s the sort of shop that every city should have. Their video has parts from several names that have began receiving more coverage in recent history (Kyle Nicholson, Zach Funk, Austin Kanfoush, Nick Panza), plus a whole bunch of lesser-known dudes who still shred just as hard (Dan Peindl, Grem Trails, Rob Dumas, Bill Cunningham, Justin Funk, and others.)

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