We Blowing Up To the Moon, Shout Out To the Goons

Christmas = The only time you can skate the Seagram Building. Go for it.

How was your weekend? Did you see anyone wearing JNCOs?

This is a great news. Big congratulations to Rob Campbell and best wishes for his future role as the director of skateboarding for Open Road.

Joseph Delgado’s part from the Poisonous Products video is now on YouTube. All lines, and some Lil’ Kim on the soundtrack. Good to see Queens locals still skating actual Flushing and not just the Maloof Park. (While on the topic: has anyone skated to “Drugs” before? It’s easy to forget that Lil’ Kim somehow ended up getting one of the greatest rap beats of all time. These dudes did it way more justice though.)

Here is a teaser for Shark Shit, a (very) low-def video featuring Loose Trucks Max and the rest of the Brooklyn homies.

Stupid Slap Message Board Thread #588,684,693: “Most hipster skate parts?” Humorously enough, they post Brett Nelson’s Rich Mahogany part, then go on to say Brett Land’s part is more “hipster”-ish. Then, the topic diverges into how Cardiel’s Sight Unseen part isn’t as good as everyone says it is…

If you ever skate Tompkins, you’ll recognize a handful of people with parts in this 21-minute iPhone video from John Kim.

The goal of QS is to eventually transition from a skateboard website into a chain of strip club skateparks throughout the south. We have fifty-page business plans and everything, but it looks like DGK’s “Playground” park beat us to it. Back to square one.

In the spirit of the season, check out our post from last year about Jahmal Williams’ loosely Christmas-related video part from the early 2000s.

Spot Updates: 1) You may have noticed that some bandits cut off the rail at FedEx a few weeks ago. Well, it’s back. 2) Similar story…some bandits unknobbed the Dag 10-stair ledge, a tree fell on it, scaffolding blocked it off, and now it’s knobbed again. 3) There’s a food truck at Lenox now. Interesting that it takes a food truck to exemplify how oblivious people are to getting in the way of skateboard-related pursuits.

TM103 drops tomorrow. It actually exceeded expectations, which weren’t that high. “Ballin’” and the Neyo song are pure garbage though.

Slim Dunkin R.I.P.

Tropical Storm Bloomberg Links

Well, that was fun. Bloomberg just might end up looking like the boy who cried wolf next time there’s a serious weather threat. In case you missed it, check out our post of 10 hurricanes better than Irene. That photo up top was stolen from The New York Times‘ Irene gallery.

It’s easy to imagine Kennedy Cantrell and Matt Militano being inevitable local favorites whenever the Slap One in a Million goes down in New York. Are they old enough to get into Le Bain is the real question though.

Rick Howard + The song from the drunk scene in Mean Streets = Must post, even if everyone has already seen it.

If J. Crew insists on making a “Tompkins pant,” there is an issue of when Tompkins’ principal shareholders and Board of Trustees can expect to start receiving their dividends. (There also appears to be a Ludlow suit, hopefully J. Crew doesn’t disregard this issue too long, otherwise, it’s bound to turn into a class action lawsuit from the Ludlow Street Drunks and the Tompkins Square Park Skaters.)

Brian Delatorre landed a spot on the Habitat roster. Here’s his new Firing Line.

Last week, someone frontside nosegrinded down the Black Hubba. This week, somebody backside flips over it in a clip by recent Richmond, VA expatriates.

Piro Sierra 5050s that gigantic rail in The Bronx by Lincoln Hospital at 0:29 in this Naysayer Skateboards clip. Take him to the Rutgers Newark 18-stair rail next. And since we’re talking about The Bronx, watch this clip of Olu Stanley shredding to “(Still) Not a Player.”

Before the iPhone killed off the VX1000, there was a smartphone manufacturer called “Blackberry.” Below is a clip filmed by Emilio Cuilan on his Blackberry, dating from 2007 to 2009, and featuring Ty Lyons, Billy McFeely, Black Dave, Kevin Tierney, Yaje, and a bunch of other TF people.

There’s a new spot across the street from C.I.A. (next to the Starbucks), in the form of a short manual pad off a low drop. It’s a two-second bust, but someone’s going to get footage on it.

Quote of the Week:Seinfeld is about life before cell phones.” — Matthew Mooney

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Saturday Morning Links

Everyone’s favorite disgraced Census worker (thankfully, his loss of employment, or the Census-equivalent, “I didn’t get fired, they just never called me back in” did not have to do with spending half a week in jail like some other Lower Manhattan degenerates we are all too familiar with) put together a flip cam clip involving throwing hot dogs into sunroofs, nightly Nolita drama, 12th & A footage, Rob Campbell, Billy Rohan, wallrides, Arnold, etc. It’s embedded after the jump.

Taji put together a check-out clip of the new Bronx skatepark by Yankee Stadium for the hip contingent’s dearest media establishment that loves to not pay people for work they were promised compensation for. The park is pretty small, but probably the most street-skater friendly skatepark in New York City. He threw up another video from the believed last day of the Banks until 2014 a few weeks back as well.

The homie Calen from Vancouver threw together a Montreal to New York City video that features some footage from the streets of both aforementioned locations over the positive dreadlocked vibrations of Waka Flocka, in addition to footage of some dumb bird who thought it was funny to ride around the East Village at 5 A.M. saluting a prominent German dictator that rose to power in 1933. Thankfully, she got bodied. Thrown off her bike and everything. There are also clips of Marquez getting punched in the face.

P.S. If you were trying to run the whole Saturday on Park Avenue thing, the rail is back over the six at FedEx, so don’t bother. Conspiracy theories are circulating around P-Rod and Nike paying for it to be replaced.

Irresponsible Quote for the Weekend: [while very disgruntled with life] “Let’s just go buy a gun on a credit card, and then pay that credit card off with another credit card.” – Miles Marquez

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This Summer on Park Avenue

Spot nerd shit, you know.

Given this site’s undying love for Midtown Manhattan, the region’s plan B spot strip (plan A clearly being Sixth Avenue) has underwent some significant changes that need to be discussed. The black marble banks across from the former home of Bear Stearns (rest in peace!), on 47th Street and Park Avenue have been completely leveled and torn out of the ground, with the exception of one long strip on the interior portion of the sidewalk. There’s a fence at the top of the lip, so it’s pretty much useless, unless you’re trying to rig a quick ollie-up flip trick on it.

The good news is, they built some new stuff here, and best of all, it’s the sort of thing that people are going to be getting murdered on all throughout the summer. There are two “planters” that enclose two grates, and each one is about four feet high. Assuming that you’re not Rob Campbell, and incapable of skating such obstacles from flat, they act as attractive ledge to ledge gaps. The ledges are only about a foot-and-a-half wide up top, so it is probably a million times safer to do a gap to grind or slide than a flip trick, because you know, you might die trying to kickflip onto something that’s only twice as wide as your board. I’m sure Kevin Tierney will do a gap to back lip on it by the end of the weekend.

If you’re a FedEx fan, or visiting for the summer from some far off land full of schoolyards and not accustomed to shitty New York spots (what up P-Rod!), there’s some construction going on over there that has yielded significantly longer allowances of time on the recently re-liberated six-stair ledge. It is guaranteed to be that one spot that everyone who comes here for Manny Mania and shit during the summer tries a trick on. It’s already claimed a few casualties (“Kevin went down like a bag of bricks off the Empire State Building.” – Watermelon Alex), so, you know, take it easy on the wax. As you probably figured out by now, the construction prevents you from skating the stairs on the 47th Street side sequentially, but the blockade seems like it is temporary, and only there to isolate a bunch of generators.

Quote of the Week:

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