The 30 Phattest Outfits in Skate Video History: 1992-2012

Happy fall fashion week. We hope that you are fashion-forward during these next several days, and wish you the best of luck in sparking a brief romance with a lonely stylist’s assistant before the week is out.

In honor of this most festive of weeks, we have compiled a somewhat comprehensive guide to the best gear from the past twenty years’ worth of skate videos. Skateboarding didn’t just begin “embracing fashion,” as some misinformed outfits have recently reported. Fashion has been stealing shit from skaters for years. (Luckily, they left Javier Nunez’s City Stars jeans alone.) Here’s the proof: All the jerseys, sweats, camo, braids, insane patches, sweater vests and swooshy pants that you could ever hope for. Yes, there are omissions. No, it isn’t in order. Thanks to Roctakon, Boss Bauer, Sweet Waste, Jack Sabback and Jason from Frozen in Carbonite for their contributions to this post.

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Fashion Week: Presenting Our Latest Collection…

It’s been a slow day at the office, as our staff has slowly crawled to work after indulging in overwhelming amounts of free alcohol last night, so we apologize for the delay in posting our latest lookbook online. Big thanks to everyone who came out for our runway show at Lenox Ledges yesterday, it was a great success, and the kind words regarding our collection mean the world to all of us who worked so hard to bring it to you. So without further ado, here is the latest ready-to-wear fall collection from Quartersnacks, “Grown & Sexy.” Lookbook styled by Switch Mike. Available at Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Transit Active Wearhouse, and Caldor.

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Fashion Week

For a website that doesn’t exactly excel in high-end, flip-in-flip-out maneuvers, or any sort of industry standard production values, there is still more than a handful of distinctions that we can revel in — the most three stair sets on any website, the most trendy metal grates, our status as an equal opportunity employer, our recent acquisition of Geo Moya’s contract from Osiris — but there is one thing that towers above the rest of these relatively insignificant factors, which really don’t matter in a world where difficult skateboard maneuvers reign supreme. Quartersnacks is far and away the most fashion-forward skateboard enterprise still in operation today. Our mere association with Danny Weiss puts us in another stratosphere of high fashion that Chris Cole, Torey Pudwill, and their ill-formed wardrobes could only wish to occupy in their wildest dreams or wildest clearance sale at Hot Topic. But, you know, who are they anyway?

Where we fall short in skateboarding, we come through in cutting-edge, groundbreaking collections, forever striving to break past the otherwise unavoidable flannel and Dickies combo. Here is some of our runway collection from the upcoming season in honor of Fashion’s Night Out.

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