The 2012 ‘Summer Trip to New York’ Clip Cycle: A (Not Very) Statistical Study

We have been a keeping a close eye on 2012’s cycle of “Summer Trip to New York” montages. This skateboard web video tradition provides a refreshing view of how foreigners, not-yet-jaded by the availability of almost anything at any time, a 4 A.M. last call and an exorbitant cost-of-living, interpret the spaces that we have grown tired of doing 5050s on. In other words, they actually skate.

“Summer Trip to New York” clips are when we become less concerned with Austyn Gillette popping two feet out of a backside tailslide or Lucas Puig continuing to make his case for L.I.S.O.T.Y. (Low Impact Skater of the Year.) No, our focus shifts to the traveller’s dedication in finding the worst spot possible and the sweet diamond-plated song of New York’s many cellar door spots.

In the spirit of the past election, which was dominated by a mountain of statistical projections, and our recent immersion into the stats-laden world of fantasy basketball, we qualified all of these hallmarks into (sort of) tabular data. QS, in association with the Pew Research Center, Nate Silver, and the top secret market research department at the Berrics that administers focus groups for clips in an effort to more easily influence children into buying things from their webstore, present a breakdown of 2012’s “Summer Trip to New York” web clip cycle, tallied by #relevant New York signifier points. It’s not quite a count of how many big flips Pretty Sweet had, but it’s a start.

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