Winter Blues — Drop Offs Volume 6

drop offs

As we approach the coldest depths of winter (first full snowstorm is projected to touch down on Saturday), we dug back into the autumn months to uncover cutting room scraps bound put smiles on chapped faces. We’re not going to sit here and pretend that the last Christmas clip wasn’t a bit uneventful, but it’s hard to pin down a vibe you’ve been running for the past ten years when it’s sixty-three degrees outside in December. Not that we’re complaining anyway. Especially not now :(

Here’s some leftovers from those sessions, rife with Perez soundbytes :)

Also: To any out-of-town readers looking to make The Switch™ and move to New York to Make It™ this spring, keep in mind that the section between ~3:25-5:00 most adequately depicts what modern skateboarding south of 14th Street is like.

Gotta come clean here: Haven’t listened to Future once since the new Travie touched the LiveMixtapes homepage yesterday morning. Just as Music Money Magnums was more essential to getting the QS office through a shit winter 2011 than even the raging peak-Tity Boy run, 285 is smiles all around. Greatest and most consistent happy rap group in the history of happy rap — though this one has a bit more solemn moments than usual. Embedding “What’s Going On” for the Mannie Fresh on “Everybody Get Your Roll On” flow though…

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