That’s My Best Friend — Drop Offs Volume 5

best friend

Here are all of the outtakes from the summer. General street cruising, the tricks after 56 from the European tour that weren’t as crazy, a few non-HVX “Core” b-sides, and of course, a good bit of babbling on behalf of none other than recent high school graduate, Matthew Perez.

In the event that you need some music, feel free to throw some of Young Dro’s sadly undervalued recent tear over the skate noises. (Maybe not “sadly,” since it’s been pretty impossible to shine through the dense fog of Future-Future-Young Thug-Future-Future these past twelve months.) Just make sure you don’t start it until maybe the 1:20 mark, as you might miss some pretty priceless quoteables otherwise :)

Loosely Related / ICYMI: Johnny Wilson uploaded an extended HD video blog entry on Wednesday to make up for the fact that he hasn’t been making clips for the ♥ in recent times…

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