2nd Nature’s “Eclectic” Video: Now Online

2nd Nature uploaded their complete full length video, Eclectic, on Vimeo. The video features several Quartersnacks favorites that have been championed on here since the original Watermelon video (the first and last video to premiere via a projector on a Lower East Side handball court back in 2006) including Watermelon Alex, Jose Pereyra, Lil’ Chris, Brian Brown, and a handful of others. And it’s certainly great to still see Burton Smith ripping on a skateboard. Lil’ Chris is in the early running for being Quartersnacks’ 2011 Skater of the Year. But who knows how this year will turn out? You know, with a new Busenitz part, Ishod Wair’s debut, a *potential* Jake Johnson comeback, and Dylan Rieder’s consistent handsomeness all upon us…

It’s amazing that in such (perhaps the most?) an anti-car city, actually having access to one significantly expands your options in terms of how many skate spots are at your disposal. Much of this video is filmed a few dozen miles outside of the city, yet the 2nd Nature dudes are pretty much the only ones you ever really see with footage at a few key locations. (The same could be said for your token Jersey video, and the respective crew/region it covers.) So many people skateboard in 2011, yet people are able to maintain small niches of crew-oriented spots just a few miles outside of one of the biggest cities for skateboarding in the entire world, and that’s definitely a great thing.

Thanks to Armand, Doug, and everyone else at 2nd Nature for producing this video and uploading it online. Check out 2nd Nature’s site and follow the shop on Twitter.