The QS Year in Review Countdown: 15-11

basket outdoors

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15. Le Basket Discontinues Outdoor Seating

It has been observed that skateboarders are the original gentrifiers. The undesirable corners of society are familiar territories to us, especially if they have something we want. And what do we, Skateboarders: The Original Gentrifiers™, want more than a place to get drunk? A place to get drunk in public, naturally.

Of course we’ll sit in plain view on Broadway, looking completely unemployable with our boards stacked along the wall, and the aluminum remnants of six six-packs teetering off the table. It wasn’t long until others took notice of the cheap real estate, and started closing in. By 2010, we were sharing ~fifteen seats with ~fifty bike messengers. By 2012, NYU students with a thirst for Magic Hats priced us out. In 2015, the party was shut down, but we barely noticed.

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Chicks are down for bums on wheels with face tattoos of bats and a one-shower-a-month bathing policy


Roctakon is bummed about this article.

While the truths and exaggerations behind the words are all up for debate, the comments are actually the best part, especially when they dwell on the journalistic merit in covering such a profound subject. The totally-in-the-know historical allusion to a “Supreme hat-wearing homeboy drunk enough to go home with me” is also a highlight. Somebody needs to make an extensively hyper-linked version this article with clickable portions that pop-up to pictures of locations and people that the various details could potentially be referring to.

i’ve only dated one skater. he was supposed to “stay” with me for 2 weeks and ended up living with me for 4 months. it was all sex, weed, Bowie, “Point Break” and an endless loop of seriously fascinating skate videos.

It sounds like you had sex with Braydon. maybe you should go to the clinic.

most of them were egotistical idiots who dropped out of highschool with no jobs