From Seattle to Pink Houses

Have you seen the forecast for Tuesday night into Wednesday yet? Seven to twelve inches overall. Should be fun.

Film Me, the summer 2010 video that came before Goin’ Ham’ from the same crew, is available in its full forty-minute form on Vimeo.

Some real nineties-looking footage. The video says it’s from 1993-1994, or “around the time when people started skating switch.” You can see the barren asphalt wasteland that Battery Park City was prior to the completion of construction some years later, The Humps (or at least the spot I think was The Humps), and the nineties version of Midtown.

The final update from the Autumn Bowl. It’s been a wrap for a minute now, but just in case you wanted visual proof of its final state. Here’s a clip from the final two days as well. But according to Forrest Edwards, “It’s not like you get paid a million dollars to skate transition.”

This Keith Hufnagel-channeling clip of Zach Moore is about a year old, but a solid watch largely due to to the speed with which he skates through things.

Mama’s Boys is an upcoming local video that has a Loose Trucks Max part, you can watch the promo here, and a few New York-set throwaway clips here.

The nollie off the hip to boardslide down the rail in Pat Gallaher and Jack Olson’s shared part in the Flow Trash video is pretty official.

As a follow up to our new street plazas post from November…there’s a new street gap on Maiden Lane down the hill from C.I.A. (foot and a half high ledge over seven or eight feet of sidewalk into the street), and the new Grace Ledge is black marble, over four stairs, and lower (although still closed off for construction.)

Quote of the Week:Yo Dre, what are you doing?” — Inquisitive Gentleman
I have been sitting here watching the ‘Ride’ video for hours and don’t feel like I have wasted a second of my day.” — Andre Page

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The best video of 2010. We’ll even go out on a limb and say it is better than the Dylan Gravis video. It’s impossible to tally the amount of times the phrase “Have you seen the new Ciara video?” was used to start a conversation this past spring.

On to skateboarding…

Brian Kelley interviewed Keith Hufnagel on his blog about relocating to Los Angeles from San Francisco, skating with Ryan Hickey, and a variety of other topics. He doesn’t seem as eager to showcase his storytelling abilities as some of his peers from the nineties are, but still, it’s a Huf interview, so you should read it anyway.

Upon seeing this kid, Christian Willis, skate in real life last week, everyone agreed that it is probably in our best interests to quit skateboarding and gear energy towards alcohol and other depressants. As if that wasn’t enough, this (now viral) video of a six-year-old destroying the Venice Beach Skatepark is only fuel to the emotional burden that coincides with sucking at skateboarding. However, if you’re into the “optimism” thing, you could look at both of those videos as motivational pieces.

Heelbruise Clothing & Chrome Ball Incident collaboration tee shirt, celebrating the rich history of the VHS tape, for all those with dusty shoeboxes of videos tucked away in a basement somewhere.

As you probably know, Billy Rohan, Vans, and the Maloof Brothers gave away a bunch of free skate gear at 12th & A this past Saturday. Taji conducted an interview with Billy about the generous giveaway on the Full Bleed blog to give some background on this high-end, respectable version of a product toss.

While initially skeptical about the Donovan Strain “Murk Avenue” videos, it’s hard to deny that they’re actually kind of brilliant. The latest one gives some sound advice on how the concept of a “front” can be applied to your modern day financial circumstances.

G. Dep confesses to a seventeen-year-old cold case murder and is facing life in jail. The follow-up interview to the confession has him saying that he didn’t know the guy actually died. See what happens when you do drugs? Child of the Ghetto is still on the lower-tier of regional New York classics, and “Let’s Get It” still knocks though. Watch Puffy scrounge together a G. Dep jail album in light of the insanity.

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