Skateboarding in the Second City


“This one guest skater is a party boy in white v-neck with both kness ripped out of jeans who does a chill switch line.”

A combination of today’s 70-degree forecast, shipping t-shirts, and late night Chris Paul bank shots / torrid Golden State shooting nights threw off our already loose editorial calendar. In consolation, one of the few widely circulated Chicago videos in recent memory was uploaded to YouTube yesterday.

You might remember Chity from Galen Dekemper’s 50,000+ word review play-by-play, in which he felt that “these guys kick it with girls who go to music shows” and offered commentary on a myriad of outfits worn in the video. We’re all waiting to see if unnecessarily riding on long grates will emerge as a space-filling novelty trick in the same way unnecessary powerslides have become acceptable for chino-wearing skateboarders in urban environments.

Midwestern videos have continued to develop followings outside their immediate scenes in recent years, and Chity is a solid companion piece to Debris, Homegrown, St. Losers or whatever your favorite may be. Whether or not the midwest skate video renaissance will come in contact with the Chicago rap renissance remains to be seen, but we won’t get our hopes up. And since the Bulls are the only team left in the league that doesn’t take shit from the Heat — let’s go Bulls.

“On a first watching, it may be difficult to remember which white skater was doing which tricks where, but differences emerge after the repeated viewings this video encourages.”