Let It All Work Out

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We did an end of the year inventory over at the warehouse, and turned up some loosies of things we had marked as sold out. Check the webstore in case you missed out on something from the last release. It’s not a restock, e.g. maybe we found quite literally two larges of a tee and threw them back online. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Thank you everyone for all the support throughout the year.

“I think me doing all these other things outside of skating makes me like skating more.” Thrasher posted up Tyshawn’s interview from the last issue, and the full “BLESSED” article online. Still processing how Kadow’s Chinatown Banks lipslide ever worked out.

2018 Kiki mix and 2018 E.J. mix.

Boil the Ocean is still running down their annual Top 10 parts segment, and Cafe Creme offers up a #list for their 2018 “Gourmet Selection.” The final installment of our Year in Review will be live shortly ;)

Daniel Kim put together a Jason Byoun “Groer of the Underworld” remix.

Neil Herrick’s part in Fairman’s 4 really turns up a couple notches after Jordan Trahan’s (…right?) guest trick.

Mike Sass put up PFP5 online in its entirety.

We’ve discussed having to reach adulthood before truly ~getting~ Tom Penny before, but the Cult of Tom guy *got it* right away.

Despite talking shit about how nothing really went online video-wise last week, this Converse Brazil video has some wild clips in it. And while we’re at it, Tiago’s section from TWS’ Duets video is online too. Thx 4 the love bro ♥

Merry Jinxmas from Hijinx!

Paul Young uploaded a few minutes of circa 2015 Nick Ferro raw files.

New year, new Pace Ledge. Safe to say that the A.B.D. scroll has been refreshed.

Need a playlist with a sizable chunk of the Young Thug leaks from 2018? Yeah, you do. It’s insane some of these are sitting in purgatory compared to what gets released by the label. This playlist > the sum of his “official” 2018 output, and his “Let It All Work Out” is better than his dad’s ♥

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Theotis Beasley WITH THE BLOCK!!!

Quote of the Week:

— Jamal Smith

An Interview With Yaje Popson


Photo by Brian Kelley

There is no question that Yaje is one of the most talented New York skaters to emerge in recent years. Except after gaining momentum with a multi-page Skateboarder interview, some solid video parts and flow from one of the best companies around, he disappeared. Both from Tompkins and from skate media altogether. Well, we caught up with Yaje over Skype (an in-person interview wasn’t exactly possible) to talk about where he’s been and what he’s been up to. Thanks to Emilio Cuilan, Brian Kelley and Luke Clerkin for your help.


Where are you right now?

I’m chilling in my beautiful apartment in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. It’s the third largest city in Brazil. I was born here and moved to New York when I was three, so it’s good to get in touch with your homeland. I moved back in the winter of 2011. Autumn and I left at the same time. No Autumn Bowl, no Autumn Skateshop, what’s the point?

Any other reasons for the move besides Autumn closing?

I initially came out to help heal a knee injury, but I stayed because we have a much better quality of life out here. My family lived in that one little shitty apartment [in New York], so this is luxury.

Is where you are a beach city like Rio?

No, but I have a house on the beach in Espírito Santo and one more house in the jungle.

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