Ain’t Nobody’s Business

Anthony Pappalardo — 5050 in the rain. Stolen from the Skateboarder Daily Film Blog.

The new DGK video, Parental Advisory, will be premiering this Thursday, December 13, at Sunshine Cinemas on Houston and Forsyth (same place as the Pretty Sweet premiere.) Click here for the flyer and more info. There will be a 7 P.M. and a 9 P.M. showing. Be sure to RSVP via the address in the flyer.

This line is in the extras when you buy the Pretty Sweet DVD. Noseslides! takes a break from pornography and weighs in on the controversial 2012 Thrasher Skater of the Year selection. Funny how people are in such an uproar over something that obviously favors those involved with Thrasher-created content.

Long Island’s most beloved child star, Billy Lynch, has been blessed with a tribute remix to the sounds of Shyne’s first album. All of the footage is 2006-ish.

While on the topic of the Island, here is Steve Plati’s part from Island Music, a new video filmed entirely in Long Island.

Some outtake footage from the crew behind Outddated and Twomanji, and some outtake footage from the crew behind the Space Heater video.

A bunch of promos for upcoming videos went online recently, so let’s group them together. “Schleyer Video” features Tyshawn Jones, James “King of the Grate” Reres and others. Battylife is a video by Sam Fickinger that will be premiering at the end of the month. Cathode is a video featuring Elijah Cole, Bill Pierce and others.

Chanel griptape is real. Very real.

Spot Updates: 1) The FedEx stairs are under scaffolding…again. 2) Aficionados of bad spots might enjoy these recently liberated bank things across from the pedestrian entrance on the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge.

There’s some shit video of Jason Lee cruising around New York on one of those vinyl cruisers online now. This is one of the comments on it: “Lol for some reason, the soles of my feet hurt everytime I get off a cruiser, possibly due to them being constantly arched to stay on the board?” …wow. Anyway, go watch A Visual Sound.

Rihanna: Forever our favorite garbage Tumblr girl in the body of a pop star. It ain’t nobody’s business! #SUPREMEbitch

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: How have MSG commentators not began calling J.R. Smith and Steve Novak “Money Train” yet? Anyway, J.R’s game winner against the Bobcats was chill.

Quote of the Week: “What are all these white people doing here? This ain’t the line for the Blink 182 concert.” — Overheard at the 2 Chainz show on Saturday

The YouTube re-design sucks. Have a good week.

It’s a party, it’s a party, it’s a party…

Willing to bet that she’s rolling all those beers over to Grove Street.

Ragers, Inc. is a Flip Cam video from the homies out in Vancouver. It has footage of our favorite Canadian skateboarder, Torey Goodall, and undoubtedly the best soundtrack to a skate video in 2011. Euro section gets the best song (at 3:16.) It’d be perfectly fine if a major pro skateboarder recycled this song for a blockbuster skate video part. (Mildly related: We still got that Quartersnacks Tiesto edit on ice for 2011.)

Guy Mariano talks about Mouse. Some of this has been touched upon in the commentary on the Mouse DVD, but he explains why the switch front shove crook down the handrail was relegated to the credits.

Taji interviewed Grandpa about Autumn’s ten-year-long history. Related: An interview with Dave Mims, Autumn’s owner. Here’s to another ten.

To compliment the Billy Lynch part included in last week’s Flipmode 3 anniversary post, here is his part in the Long Island based $20 Off No Tax video, which came out a few months after Flipmode 3 in 2006. Click here for the full video.

This Skate & Annoy headline — “Dipshit Accidentally Kills Pedestrian, Sets Skateboarding Back 50 Years” — is reminiscent of that classic skit from The Chris Rock Show, where he chronicles all the events that have set black people back and ahead. Perhaps this winter, when there is less stuff to update with, Quartersnacks will chronicle all the ways that skateboarders have been set back and ahead throughout history. “AND THEN CAME THE SOURCE AWARDS…”

Someone does a sick front board off the rounded marble ledge at Exchange Place in this New York to San Francisco clip. First song is one of those few that should be off limits for recycling though.

Aaron Herrington (whose name keeps reading as Al Harrington…remember that dude?) skates a lot of quintessential Quartersnacks SoHo spots in his Boneyard part. Heavy alternation between SF and New York spots seems to be big in 2011 (Dela, Westgate, etc.)

Two weeks late, but Slappy Cove is a wrap.

Probably even more late, but the downhill bump-to-bump thing in Maspeth is temporarily blocked off due to construction. Save yourself the trip, since it’s one of those spots you need a car for.

Quote of the Week:
Sweet Waste: “What are you about to do?”
Jack Sabback: “I know this 19-year-old Hare Krishna girl that’s throwing a rooftop party.”

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Merry Christmas

Here’s the 2006 Christmas clip. Thanks to everyone who submitted footage for it, threw down tricks, and helped out with the site throughout the year. The clip features, Matt Mooney, Ty Lyons, Leo Gutman, Ben E.T., Pryce Holmes, Brad Shepherd, Shaun Webber, Miles Marquez, Thando, Moose, Adrian, Jason Gordon, Jahmal Williams, Dean, Isak Buan, Billy Lynch, some whiteboy, Rob Butterfield, Dylan James, Mike Gigliotti and a spectacular Rob Campbell cameo appearance. It’s rather big by Quarter Snacks standards (35MB), but I’ll re-compress it when I wake up tomorrow because it’s late right now and I need sleep.

This clip is dedicated in loving memory to The Godfather of Soul himself. It’s pretty odd given the song choice because I made it before hearing the news. Its pretty disturbing knowing that he died while I was making it. Rest in peace. Never thought I’d realize, that I’m posting this clip with water in my eyes.

Here are some random bits of Christmas entertainment.

Happy holidays from the whole Quarter Snacks family.

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Snatch-a-must, son!

“$20 Off No Tax” is now up on Google Video. It has parts from Bobby Izzo, Ben Nissen, Billy Lynch, Steve Fletch, Chris Miller, Rylan Blanchard, Zeb Snyder, Marcello Laboni, Josh Velez, Anthony Esposito, Sean Creamer and others. I haven’t seen it myself yet, but the streets have been giving it solid reviews. Definitley worth the forty minutes of your day that you don’t spend on porn sites or myspace.

Edit: After watching it, I give it the video the official Quarter Snacks Seal of Approval, in that it avoids all the psuedo-Ty-Evans, Alien-Workshop-Ripoff bullshit that most of you other mark ass tricks try to do with your videos and knock anyone else who does otherwise. Fuck your pretty colors. Solid video the whole way through. Download it now.

Something to lean to…

Since summer is just about over, and the weather is nice enough to rain for the last few days that it has left, here is a clip for everyone sitting at home taking a break from stalking girls on myspace. The Watermelon Video that premiered a few weeks back basically consisted of all the footage from June and July, so a lot of the stuff in here is either a) old and just never used or b) submitted by other people. The clip features Matt Mooney, Mike Gigliotti, Billy Lynch, Danny Weiss, Scott Friend, Eby, Manny Rodriguez, Isak Buan, Pryce Holmes, Bill Pierce, Jasonwear, Charles Ives, Bubba Schrama, Uncle Bobo, Kevin Tierney, Ty Lyons, Danny Falla and Ben E.T. Enjoy whatever is left of your summer before you have to go back to school, hugging the block or whatever it is you do for the majority of the year.

Thanks to Jeff at SuchAGood, Jimmy Marketti, Flipmode Peter, Dennis Feliciano and everyone else who contributed footage.

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