SkeeYee — Best of 2023 Montage

If you weren’t inundated with skeeyees this year then you didn’t live in 2023. And we wouldn’t be doing our job at QS HQ if we didn’t send you off with a hundred more.

As always at this time of year when the #content cycle winds down, here is our annual recycled footage party to the year’s most inescapable hits ♻️ — well, actually, maybe just the first one could be defined as “inescapable.” (We workshopped the idea of editing to three Sexyy Red songs, yes.) Shout out to Veeze for dropping a classic in an age when albums are an afterthought, and to EBTG for chilling for a quarter century and then dropping a banger.

This year, we made it to Argentina, which was originally planned with Vans for May 2020 (no need to explain why that fell through), got stuck at the Banks and Columbus Circle like everyone else who skates in this city, we said goodbye to the T.F. ground that taught us everything, and Keith got Marshall’s PS4.

Thanks everyone for your support this year, and see you in 2024 ❤️