The End Was Actually The Beginning — The Year in Ride Channel Headlines


One of 2016’s greatest exercises in predicting the future was the Slap message board’s “Ride Channel Article Title Predictions” thread, which made its way to Monday Links back in January. It included brilliant projections like:

Dane Burman quit all his sponsors and now rides for Anti Hero
Zero to Hero real quick

This guy snorted a line of cocaine and then crooked grinded a 12 stair rail
This will blow your mind

Ishod has mysteriously stopped putting out footage
Wair could he be???

Isle Skateboards drastically changes up their team
Cleanup on Isle 6

One of the DGK pro’s is getting married this weekend
Here comes the McBride

Some say Ride Channel is the skateboarding BuzzFeed; others have called it our Fox News (that claim might be disqualified as the same source called QS the equivalent of The Drudge Report — by far the most offensive statement ever made about this website.) We contend that The Ride Channel is actually skateboarding’s HipHopDX, in that it is a website that will write about absolutely anything.

There is no finer destination for the daily happenings of the skateboard world to be condensed into date-headline-subhead. While many of Slap’s title predictions unfortunately fell short of reality, there is a saying about how truth is stranger than fiction (an idiom that would make a great Ride Channel subhead, actually.)

Well, this happened: on the eve of the internet’s annual list season, we present the year in real Ride Channel headlines.

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