Where Were You During the Instagram Scare of 2012?

Buncha cute boyz with their shirts off @ da Supreme Ramp (never forget) 2009. Photo: John Roman.

New NJ Scum clip. Best skate crew channel on YouTube.

12th & A is back. Please refrain from any illegal conduct so we can avoid its fate from last winter, and not set skateboarding back five years due to adolescent idiocy.

These Skate Europe videos have been on VBS for three years. Never knew they existed until Frozen in Carbonite tweeted about them the other day. They’re incredible, and drive home the point of how much America sucks for skateboarding compared to Europe. “There was nothing on TV that night, so I just started making a mini ramp in the living room.”

If you want to listen to Jason Dill play music and talk shit, KCHUNG AM radio out in Los Angeles posted up a MP3 of his June 17th broadcast. No, it doesn’t really have anything to do with skateboarding. It is more about throwing a glass of Jameson at a DJ because he was scratching over Rolling Stones songs.

The crew behind the Be Pretty video put up a long throwaway reel. Part one, part two.

This may be a year late, and is certainly not for a very popular spot, but that low pop-over rail on 67th Street between Amsterdam and Broadway is now knobbed. A free beer for anyone who e-mails quartersnacks {*at*} gmail with a scan of Scott Schwartz’s 5050 on it from an old Transworld (or it might’ve been a Slap issue…)

Some unreleased footage of early-2000s Tompkins hero / perhaps the only Hare Krishna skater in the city, Kerel Roach.

People have been getting great deals on those discontinued Palace Chanel crewnecks on eBay. FYI: £201.11 British pounds equals $315 American dollars. Gonna start bootlegging those, like, today…

Speaking of Palace, as per the observation of Phat Stylez co-founder Sweezy F. Wasty, the Associated Supermarkets logo is strikingly similar to the Palace triangle. Perhaps we have stumbled on the next big thing for grocery store skateboard apparel.

The Miami Heat have the best basketball player alive and still cannot sell out their stadium during the post-season. Now that two Miami-based pornstars are offering oral sex to any Heat “fan” in celebration of their championship, will their “fans” begin showing up to the game before the 2nd quarter starts?

The New York Department of Transportation released a commercial with Baron Davis urging New Yorkers to pay attention on the street / not walk and text. Needless to say, it would’ve been way better if they used J.R. Smith…

Quote of the Week: “The less money someone has in their bank account, the more likely they are to win a game of S.K.A.T.E.” — Roctakon

Remember when a team with Eddy Curry and Ronny Turiaf on it won a NBA Championship? That sucked.

We Dropped ‘Duffle Bag Boy,’ They Started Takin’ Ideas


“In 1992, I filmed an interview with my friend, former pro skateboarder, Jeff. Jeff was at the lowest point of his career. This footage has been unseen for almost 20 years.” Peter Sidlauskas = Oscar winner by 2043? Billy McFeely “Best Actor in a Leading Role” winner by 2036? Not no, right?

Kalis now owns two of the benches from Philadelphia City Hall. Skateboarding wins. (Supposedly, a bench like that runs for ~$5K, which means you could make a perfect skatepark with $30-40K, zero “ramps,” and a paved lot…)

Jimmy Marketti uploaded a montage of new old footage that looks like it came from the mid-2000s. Unseen Rob Campbell clips, Andrew Reynolds second angles, and a somber look at the original back of Union Square.

Some raw footage live from the Tompkins bench, a dive into the odd mind of Shawn Powers, and Tribeca Park stuff that you could probably skip. Tompkins > Tribeca.

While on the topic of nineties west coast company excursions to the east, this 1994 clip of the Girl, Chocolate & Firm east coast tour (from 411 #8) is worth a look. There’s a New York section at the end, but it’s mostly lifestyle clips.

A well-written, contemplative, and occasionally Freudian analysis of “why l*ngb**rds suck” by Will Staley. Naturally, someone in the comments posted a link to a video insisting “You have no idea what can be done on a l*ngb**rd. It puts skateboarders to shame.”

“Skateboards as props in rap videos hit a new, unforeseeable, low recently in Soulja Boy’s video for ’50/13.’ Dude on the left is holding a deck with no griptape, trucks, or wheels. It is not a skateboard; it’s just a board.”

A pair of interviews from two of the finest content-creators in skateboarding went online last week, and they’re definitely worth your time: Robert Brink and Patrick O’Dell. The O’Dell one should have been more in-depth, but whatever.

The Be Pretty video is now online in full. Highlights include a front 3 up Three-Up-Three-Down and a Flushing grate gap NBD, and a reminder that Big L was ahead of his time with the whole “From New York and never was a fan of the Knicks” thing, considering the current 7-13 mess we’re in.

Quote of the Week:

Last but not least, happy birthday to the G-Man. Hope to see you back living in New York this year.