What Up Tree

Not sure who took this one (Mehring?), but shout out Aaron Szott :)

It’s grey out there, so here’s the clip of Muska hugging a tree to put a smile on your face (it’s tied with this video of like a 500 people rapping every single word to Glizzy’s verse on “Crew” for 2017’s best byte of life-affirming video.) It was a pleasure to watch this new season of Epicly Later’d — Andy Roy defending Jesse Paez was funnier than any bit of scripted comedy that someone could come up with, and if your heart didn’t melt at Reynolds’ relationship with his daughter and Kader, then your insides probably look like the Juicy J “Stay Fly” shirt.

Don’t ask James to trade a nice board for a 2014 Go Skate Day deck that has been sitting next to your radiator for three years. Village Psychic talked to the Labor C.E.O. about skate shop etiquette.

Hotel Blue has a new one over on Thrasher, which has an intro part (right?) for Juan Virues, and a pretty beast Charles Deschamps section at the end.

Kinda awkward when your board sponsor reposts a video of you and captions it “someone give this man a board,” no?

“Can human achievement in general surpass Chewy Cannon’s bank-to-ledge nosegrind or can we only hope to match it?” With the completion of the endlessly postponed, all-London Palace video, Boil the Ocean dwells on the post-2010 tide shifts that have occurred in the British skateboard industry.

This Detroit edit is rad. It chronicles the recent history of all its spots via an overview of changing Google Street Views. Also, it made Detroit look funner to skate (at least for our purposes) than a lot of recent higher profile coverage to come out of there.

The latest episode of Skate Muzik is a tribute to love songs in skate videos.

Someone compiled the past dozen or so editions of Strobeck video IG outtakes.

Skateboard Story is back after a hiatus with an Aaron Herrington interview.

“Electricity acts like a skateboarder traveling down a ramp. The higher the ramp, the more potential energy they have and the further they can travel.” See: Skateboarding as a vessel to teach how electricity works.

Russia’s Absurd Skateboards consistently puts out stuff that looks pretty much unlike anything else out there in skateboarding.

Gang Corp has a rainy day edit from L.E.S. Park in the summer.

…aanndd if you were wondering what the deal with the Barbara Kruger installation at L.E.S. Park is, here you go.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Do we start watching MSG again? Even though we know we’re just going to wind up getting hurt? :(

Quote of the Week: “Gin tastes like shit. Tonic tastes like shit. But somehow, when you mix them together, it tastes like grapefruit.” — Shrimp C

I’m good on hearing a 2017 Wu-Tang album, but there’s something endearing about them recently trending as song concept shortcuts for artists who are half their age.

First of the Month Front Shoves

Aaron Szott — Front Shove in front of Stuyvesant Grocery (R.I.P.) The photo is stolen from the latest batch of random Jonathan Mehring photos over on the Skateboarder site.

In today’s hyper-opinionated skateboard climate, there will always be someone there to say negative things about any skater, besides like, Mike Carroll. Busenitz is probably the only guy alongside Carroll on the unanimous positive opinion list. Is “I’d rather watch Busenitz skate a curb” the new “I’d rather watch Gino push?”

Frozen in Carbonite has the definitive guide to the skate parts and songs of summer 2012. In all seriousness, it’s the best piece of pop culture and skateboard writing of the year. ANYWAY, it would be great if there was some sort of alternate universe where Alien Workshop stopped taking itself so seriously long enough to do something absurd and awesome like edit a video to Drake.

There’s already another skate company with a triangular logo and a fondness for VHS aesthetics? Also, new Brian Brown footage is always welcome.

Two years later, you can finally skate all the stairs on the west side of FedEx sequentially again! Da construction is over. They added a (not-too-low) new ledge after the three stair. Photo here.

You’re not going pro (this is what pros do now), but if you’re dead-set on working in skateboarding, Jenkem broke down how people get into the skate industry. They also have a new interview with Danny Renaud.

Some Australians enlisted Quim Cardona to help with their New York P.R. problems.

Can you believe that single women who recently moved to New York for art college-attending purposes have the nerve to ask where all the heterosexual men are?

Luis Tolentino moonlights as an amateur scooter-er at the Maloof Park. “When I die, bury me inside the scooter store.”

The Jeezy and Officer Ross beef fired up this weekend. BET Awards = Source Awards of the new generation, but you already knew that. “I created my lane. No one can ever run my lane because it’s mine. I’m the Michael Jackson of my lane. And you know nobody was as great as Michael. I love Prince but he’s not Michael.” #Snow.

Quote of the Week: “I hollered at this thick rubbery girl today.” — The G Man

P.S. If you’re a Seinfeld nerd, this is great.

Genghis Szott

Our good friend Aaron Szott recently moved to Mongolia (yes, Mongolia) for a job opportunity (he knows a lot about economics and stuff.) Taking inspiration from the guy who tracked down and put together the 44 seconds of known Ryan Hickey footage, we compiled all the random bits and pieces of Aaron’s footage from the past decade, and edited them to the sounds of his favorite rapper. It turns out that Aaron’s skateboarding has a cult following well beyond QS, and even on the internet’s most cynical corners. (No clue who “django whinehard” is on Slap, but he is incorrect in saying we have new Aaron footage to release. Last time he was here, we mostly skated Tompkins and talked about Max B.)

Here are a few clips taken from old QS videos, Jay Maldonado’s La Luz video, the first Traffic video, Lurkers 2, and issues of E.S.T.

Good luck out there, buddy.

(Stuyvesant Grocery BGPs. R.I.P.)

P.S. There are still jobs out there, current college students! You may just need to re-locate to Mongolia.


Summer = heat waves. Heat waves = asphalt bumps. Asphalt bumps = Aaron Szott, the undisputed king of bumps and curb cuts. Photo by Allen Ying.

Frozen in Carbonite posted up a journalistic masterwork dealing with the correlations between early-to-mid-90s backpack rap and skate videos. It’s a long read by skateboard writing standards, but a must for rap nerd skateboarders. “The vibe at the time was that anyone who could noseslide a handrail and/or kickflip backside tailslide a shin-high ledge could get hooked up. Similarly, dudes back then scored record deals off one verse (AZ and Cappadonna, off the top of my head).”

Things that will never become irrelevant in skate footage: Big L songs and olling onto car hoods.

Billy McFeely has a high affinity for skateboarding in water. He might be a surfer trapped inside a skateboarder’s body. Or is merely trying to establish a new water sport off-shoot within the skateboard industry. Who said you couldn’t skate Flushing when the fountains were on? (For reference: Last year’s Tompkins rain clip.)

Someone followed suit with our request insisting that people on the internet should write some words about Trilogy. The Reskue Blog has a brief write-up, explaining things like the origin of “the ghetto bird.” Can someone explain why the British love Menace/mid-90s Dwindle so much? Or is that akin to asking why Japanese people love mid-90s New York so much?

Random Footage Bits: Kevin Tierney boardslid up the handrail at House of Vans (5:00 mark), Flipmode flipcam, Jersey City junk spot montage.

There is a Girl demo on Friday, July 1st at 12th & A. Mike Carroll & Rick Howard will be present, so it’s a demo that even grown-ups will attend. Rumors of a special guest appearance by Alex Olson are running rampant.

The people have spoken…If New York skaters could have one skate spot no longer with us returned, it would be the Small Banks with 31% of the vote, just barely trailed by BAM with 28%. People weren’t as nostalgic for Bench Down Curb. If you’re wondering why places like the ledges across from the Bronx Courthouse, Ikea, and Ziegfield were left out, it’s because we chose places that haven’t been around for a minimum of five years.

Quote of the Week — Washington Square Park Squatter: “Hey dude, I’ll do a nollie flip in Doc Martens if you give me a quarter.”
Danny Weiss: “That’s not that impressive.”

Words of Wisdom from the aforementioned Carbonite article: “Pulling out some obscure Pete Rock remix is cool n’ shit, and we may derive some kind of existential meaning from it. At the end of the day, though, this particular brand of hip-hop monasticism (or obscure skate video music supervision knowledge) is irrelevant—especially if any form of expert knowledge is accessible to anyone on the planet. If you aren’t making bitches get loose, you really aren’t doing shit.”

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