So Arizona, Get Your Act Together & Hail the King


“But what I can’t understand is why people in a hot-ass desert town like Tucson, Arizona, wouldn’t want a day off work. It’s not like you have to do something black on that day. You know, you don’t have to read Ebony magazine. You don’t have to watch Soul Train. All you have to do is not work.”

Might want to read this instead of lurking the Slap board today: Playboy’s full January 1965 interview with Martin Luther King Jr., which happens to be the longest and most in-depth interview he has ever granted any publication.

Rest in Peace Lewis Marnell. Manolo already came through with a great five-minute tribute edit of Lewis’ footage.

“I’d rather watch Busenitz ________.” Today, that blank is filled with “cruise around mostly low-impact European spots and drive home the fact that America sucks for skateboarding.” Those spots look incredible.

Skateboarding Bloopers: Handrail Edition

It only took an hour after Dece Vid‘s release for somebody to rip Yaje’s standalone part to YouTube. Let’s all hope this isn’t Yaje’s final part. (Fun Fact: Most of the footage in that part is ~two-years-old.)

New Iron Claw iPhone montage featuring crowd favorite, Phil Rodriguez.

Jordan Trahan, Jimmy McDonald and Rob Gonyon (another crowd favorite) rip around Tribeca and the West Village in the latest Berrics “Off the Grid” segment.

Slam City Skates has a quick interview up with Lev Tanju, the architect behind Palace Skateboards, about the company’s future, sense of humor and Southbank.

Brooklyn Banks contest results from April 4, 1998.

ICYMI: Aaron Herrington is really good at skateboarding.
QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Ish Smith JUMPS OVER John Wall, turns around, and blocks his shot. Also, his name is Ish.

Quote of the Week:

A girl’s review of the new Green Diamond video. (Via Mike Heikkila)

Time to watch basketball. Enjoy this cold-ass week.


Talk about finding love in a hopeless place. (Thanks to Bart for the photo.)

R.I.P. Whitney Houston. There aren’t a lot of skate clips edited to Whitney songs, but there is this Lennie Kirk part from the QS Mind Field re-edit set to “I Will Always Love You.” The dudes who made the Stop Fakin’ video also had to good sense to edit a bonus section to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.”

Hypebeast did an interview with Bill Strobeck about “the whimsical characters and subjects he portrays.” The new Transworld video, which Bill has a section in, is premiering in L.A. this Thursday. No word on a New York premiere, although people are *speculating* there will be another screening at Tribeca Grand, like the last one. In case you missed it, Crailtap posted a clip of Bill finishing up his section for the video out in L.A. last week.

Kevin Tierney got a lot taller over the past five years. It’s bizzare that lipslide down the nine happened five years ago, too. Feels like last year.

Brian Anderson offers some quick tips on properly experiencing New Orleans. Via the homies at Humidity Skateshop.

Shit U Not continues with the Big Brother retrospectives. Remember when you could run an ollie at a skatepark as a cover photo? Remember when Heath rode for Hooks-Ups shoes? Remember when Hook-Ups actually made shoes? Remember Kastel?

Skating in India looks pretty wild. Mooney is supposed to be going out there to look for an arranged marriage. Michael Mackrodt is one of the top five Europeans in da skate game.

Some brilliant human being made a mash-up of all Lurker Lou’s footage to W.A.S.P’S “Mean Man.” This is the video part Lou should have had all along. Yaje’s cameo is probably the most brilliant part of the whole thing — and there are a lot of brilliant parts. A bunch of 14-year-olds will still hit the thumbs-down button…

5Boro’s Join Or Die video premieres at 8 P.M. on Thursday, February 16th at Santos (Lafayette Street, just south of Canal.) 18+ to get in. Teaser 1, Teaser 2. Brian Clarke should have some new footage in it while we all wait until “next month” for J.P’s mystic video to drop.

Quote of the Week: “Black girls stay biting punk girls’ swag.” — Black Dave on the popularity of Rihanna haircuts

“Otis” still suuuccckkks, by the way.