Late Start…


^This thing is at 50 Kent (@ N 11th Street) for a lil’ bit.

The Alltimers webstore is now live with new boards, hats and tees.

Ok, no more skating rails in the 6XL QS tees. (Labor still got them hehe.) is a new, Jersey-based website centered around a single featured clip a la the defunct Via the same dudes who brought you In Crust We Trust and Brick City Street Styles. The first one is solid.

New part from the always underrated Ron Deily — though you wonder if he finally starts getting the credit he has long deserved given today’s no comply and wallie-favoring political climate. (This one is another personal favorite.)

Free Skate Mag interviewed another oft-underrated New Jersey legend, Pete Eldridge — one of the few guys to successfully pull off a comeback in skateboarding, and winner of the 2012 Q.S.S.O.T.Y. award (for a single line.)

Village Psychic came through with a four-minute Jordhan Trahan remix, that probably stands as his most comprehensive full “part” to-date.

Michael Carroll (who turns 40 today), does a frontside kickflip over a mini picnic table at the 3:30ish mark of this clip from the Stay Flared tour.

Backing 50 Cent #musicsupervision for a 2015 video part. Miss the guy :(

More terrible skateparks!

Usually not into internet writing that tells me “WHY ______ IS IMPORTANT,” but SMLTalk is spot on re: the virtues of the Dime Glory Challenge.

The Blabac x Stevie photos are among the best skate photos that exist.

The only thing I remember from Mountain Dew: The Movie is Tiago Lemos’ footage and everyone unanimously agreeing that he is now the best skateboarder alive, so you should watch his Gold Goons section again.


Quote of the Week

Esco dancing is truly life altering.

Kids Today, Man

money team

“Money Crew,” no Mayweather

With the reminder that 50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’ album just reached the ten-year mark since its release, people past their teenage years were all given cause to feel old today. Well, here’s another reason for life to flash before your eyes: Tyshawn Jones and Frankie Spears’ part in the 2012 Schleyer Video. (Note: Tyshawn Jones was three-years-old when Get Rich or Die Tryin’ came out.) Though the video is recent, a lot of the footage is already past history, at least when considering the rate at which kids in their early teens film these days. Anticipate west coast excursions that have yet to be released in video form.

Also, did T.J. pass the hypothetical “First New Yorker With Backside Noseblunt Down Handrail Capabilities” benchmark? (“New Yorker” in a five boroughs definition — Long Islanders and New Jerseyians don’t count as otherwise it would be a concession to the widely accepted theories of Chris Nieratko and Ian Reid regarding the origins of the best New York skaters.) Either way, both of these kids are really good, in a way that only recently-born skaters can be.

D’s come, we dump the diesel in battery acid.”

50 Cent x Twitter x Quartersnacks Decks

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Quartersnacks reader Clayton Jones mocked up these two decks showcasing 50 Cent’s disapproval of skateboarding as “a way of life.” Good to know that 50 will not be one of the few rappers suffering from an identity crisis to pick up a skateboard. His words of wisdom will forever be immortalized on this board though, provided that it actually exists, which is anyone’s guess…