Battery Park City

Spots: City Hall Area / Financial District

Gino via The Chocolate Tour

Update — April 2016: You cannot skate the wall rails anymore.

Marble ledges and steps everywhere, a ledge to flatbar (backside for regular), and two round nine-stair rails against a wall.

The ride-on rail made famous by Lennie Kirk, Jake Johnson, et al. is at the northernmost part of the park. As is the three-up-three-down where Gino did the best nollie back heel ever done :)

It’d be the best spot in New York if you didn’t get kicked out of everything in two seconds.

Bust — ♦♦♦♦: There are “No Skateboarding” signs posted everywhere. The Parks Department cruises around in carts and will issue you a summons if they see you skating. Building security at the zone near the World Financial Center will also tell you to leave if they catch you, which is typically in a matter of minutes. Holidays have been known to grant good fortune.

Location: Alongside the Hudson River promenade behind the World Financial Center, but essentially spanning from Rector Street to Chambers Street.