Courthouse Drop

Spots: City Hall Area / Financial District

A five foot drop into a bank, over a kink, and down another six feet with a ledge in the middle. Seen in countless videos, magazines, etc.

Bust — ♦♦♦♦♦: The spot has been barricaded off for over a year. If you try to move the barricades, Courts Police will roll up in a matter of minutes and ask for your ID. Don’t bother. It’s not worth going to jail over. You weren’t going pro anyway :)

Location: Located on Centre Street and Worth Street. Take the J, M, Z, 4,. 5 or 6 to City Hall – Brooklyn Bridge. Skate north on Park Row until it forks into Centre Street and Lafayette Street by the Brooklyn Bridge entrance. Take Centre Street one block down.

Pictures (Click to Enlarge):