Columbus Park

Spots — Chinatown, East Village & L.E.S.

jesse columbus park

Photo by Mike Heikkila

We wrote a full history of this spot in 2017.

Chunky frontside for regular ledge that kinks down a two stair, as seen in every “Summer Trip to New York” clip ever.

Gap over a ledge and down a two block.

Eight-stair round rail with a sketchy runway.

Also, there are a few of places nearby to get dollar dumplings. Check 106 Mosco Street, on the hill directly across the street.

Bust — ♦♦♦♦♦: The Parks Department usually does not hassle you for skating here, but it does get crowded with basketball players whenever it’s warm. Pitch black at night.

Location: Mulberry Street and Worth Street in Chinatown.