Columbus Park

Spots — Chinatown, East Village & L.E.S.

jesse columbus park

Photo by Mike Heikkila

We wrote a full history of this spot in 2017.

Chunky frontside for regular ledge that kinks down a two stair, as seen in every “Summer Trip to New York” clip ever.

Gap over a ledge and down a two block.

Eight-stair round rail with a sketchy runway.

Good ledges on the sidewalk at the State Building across the street, though better on weekends because it’s where people get married at during the week, and can be crowded with newly cemented love ♥

Also, there are a few of places nearby to get dollar dumplings. Check 106 Mosco Street, on the hill directly across the street.

Bust — ♦♦♦♦♦: The Parks Department usually does not hassle you for skating here, but it does get crowded with basketball players whenever it’s warm. Pitch black at night.

Location: Mulberry Street and Worth Street in Chinatown.