Marcello Campanello’s Maxallure Part

We’ve been fans of Marcello’s skateboarding since even before he closed out Canal’s Mode video, which feels like the part that truly put him on everybody’s radar.

In recent years, he’s gotten properly hooked up from Karl Watson’s imprint, Maxallure Skateboards, and got surprised with a pro board last week. In celebration of the pro nod, him and Diego Donival put together a new part (you probably remember that Marcello also had a quick section in Diego’s Potluck video from late 2019.) Heavy on the footage in Marcello’s hometown borough, with much of the rest set entirely in New York, plus two Bay Area closer clips :)

Edited by Diego Donival. Special thanks to Naquan Rollings, Dean Majd, Sean Cho, Jack Eddy, Zach Fuller & Miguel Caravantes.

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