#QSTOP10 — September 23, 2022

Slow news week at QS on account of a multi-day, post-Glory Challenge recovery.

If we had it our way, this would be midtown lines the whole way through, every time. But there’s two this round!

Otherwise, a lot of long lines, a pinch on The Sombrero, and some obvious Dime highlights, including a rare moment of consensus between actual Sportscenter, and the QS Top 10.

Yes, Louie got deferred until next week!

Original Clips:


Intro via @no_ham_sam [link]
10) Taihou Tokura via “Timescan – Entracte” [link]
9) TJ Rogers via éS’ “The Unstoppable TJ Rogers” video [link]
8) Gus Gordon via Bronze 56k’s “Bronze 56k TV – Episode 1” [link]
7) Mark Humienik via Bronze 56k’s “Bronze 56k TV – Episode 1” [link]
6) Jameel Douglas via “Areth USA” video [link]
5) Cyrus Bennett via IG [link]
4) Victor Campillo via Bwren via Maceo Moreau [link]
3) Andrew Grey via Then Again [link]
2) Alexis Lacroix via IG [link]
1) Rowan Zorilla via IG [link]


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