Stacks of Junk — QS Pop Up Spots

rainbow bump

Photo by Colin Sussingham

The final installment of Pop Up Spots pays tribute to highbrow garbage. The first was a celebration of the mundane becoming sublime; this one turns the sublime into the ~avant garde~. Things like the high-con 12th & A rainbow from earlier this spring came via a crossroad of our natural draw towards playing with trash (a bit of ourselves in everything we do, yaknow?) and the old axiom where skaters *believe* that we’re like, different n stuff. I mean, look at the most popular spot in the city right now.

The goal is to have a sesh with all this stuff at a central location soon. And don’t worry, environment-weary commenters, we’ll clean up after ourselves this time :) Stay tuned. Huge thanks to Levi’s Skateboarding for their support throughout this project.

Filmed by Max Hull.

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