‘Best sneakers worn in a skate photo’

“Best sneakers worn in a skate photo. Bar hop in Jordan 4s. Billy Rohan used to wear them too, but his were fake.” — Matt Mooney

All the Menace Epicly Later’d episodes are sick, especially the Fabian Alomar one, but it would’ve been great to get a full Steven Cales episode. Read his 48 Blocks interview instead.

The story behind that was that I was at a bar and Monica Lewinsky was there. They used to have stars in there – it was in New York. From skating and going out since I was little, I had friends in the party world that would run the doors and we would just walk in. It was cool cause they wouldn’t let your average person up in there even though I’m average. Anyway, I was with Peter Bici that day and he had a camera. I happened to have beef with this kid that was in this party, right. I was sitting next to this girl, her name was Cameran Manheim – she was in The Practice. That was Monica Lewinsky’s friend, they were together. So, I go and sit down next to them and Peter snaps the photo. So that’s how that photo came out. After that I got up cause the guy I had trouble with came to me and we just started fighting. We shut that place down, everybody was running out – I was fighting and then all my other friends were fighting too. They put it in the Daily News, “Monica Lewinsky Bar Room Brawl!” E TV and all that shit was there the next day interviewing people. I was scared because I was on parole. I didn’t want to go to the media and be like “hey this was because of me.” Anyway, Peter gave me the photo and I shopped that motherfucker around. I went to Russell Simmons – he had a magazine, their pay was too low so I was like “nah I’m out of here.” I flew to Cali and went to Keenan’s house and was skating with Gino and all them. I went to the National Enquirer. First I went to Star Magazine, but their pay was kind of cheap – so I was like “nah, I’m going to the National Enquirer, last one.” Their pay was all right you know, so I just sold the picture, got the check, and was happy!

This is narrated in French, but you’ll get the point:

Steven Cales section at 11:40.

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