Boyz Will B Boyz — Quotes Over the Years: Volume 2

September 12th, 2013 | 5:57 am | Features & Interviews | 11 Comments


Quartersnacks turns eight-years-old today. No clue how that happened, but thank you to everyone who has ever visited, linked and supported the site in any way — whether it was through telling a friend about it or buying a tee shirt. Hopefully, we make it a few more years before we run out of things to talk about on here ;)

But before the visitors, there are the many characters who add color to each page of the website. Clearly, cutting edge skateboarding was never the goal around here. We were always more concerned with the personalities that surround skateboarding, and beyond the hundred-plus videos that have piled up over the years, there’s no better way to relay that than the quotes from family, friends and influences found on the site each week. We did a similar compilation back in 2011, but have amassed many more since then. Given that social media is more deeply embedded into our lives with each passing year, this one contains a lot more screengrabs than the past version.

Thanks again to all. We r proud 2 be born during fashion week.


Doorman at the Zoo Office: “Where you been E.J.? Haven’t seen you for a while.”
E.J: “I was traveling all over, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin…”
Doorman at the Zoo Office: “Damn, you know where I really wanna go? Los Angeles.”

“That was the first night I drank 4Loko. I came home yelling ‘Mel Gibson’s home,’ and threw up blue raspberry everywhere. Then I told my girlfriend I was going to burn the house down, but she had to blow me first.” – Matthew Mooney

“Ty, do you think Supreme would be down to put an ATM in front of the shop?” — Fat Billy from Spring Street

“I’m like the ‘Captain Save a Hoe‘ of skateboarding. I pick the worst possible spots and put too much effort into trying to skate them.” — Torey Goodall, in reference to skating this hell hole

Observant Gentleman: “Every time I have Swiss bearings, it seems like everyone else’s are better than mine.”
Isak Buan: “Yeah, it’s sort of like having a girlfriend.”

[In reference to this shirt] “Who is that? Wait…is that Rick Howard? And who’s he with, a lesbian?” — Fred Gall