Almost Spring

February 22nd, 2016 | 2:10 pm | Daily News | 2 Comments


New HD clip from J.P. Blair featuring Brendan Carroll, Mark Humienik, Chachi, Dick Rizzo, Josh Wilson, Ian McGraw, Ron Deily, and Nick Ferro.

Also on the topic of New Jersey cinema legends, Justin White has taken to posting Popills highlights from the mid-2000s over on Instagram via @p0pills.

A semi teaser for the Adidas full-length. Yes, there’s Lucas clips.

Some solid recent “Trip to New York” EntiresSupra’s nine-minute clip is a good time. That gap-to-5050 UP the handicap ramp rail at the Williamsburg Monument is insane, there’s some stellar flip trick form over the Columbus Park wall, and Dane Vaughn has the best Three Up Three Down manual trick this side of Denmark ;) Colin Read’s five-minute trip clip for The Northern Co. is fun vibes too.

Piles of snow are the new trashcans #tfreport.

New Cell Jawn clip with footage from Love’s final days, freezing cold Cooper Park sessions, and less cold Nike Garage sessions.

Cranberries and Westgate sightings. Skating starts ~1:40.

Slam City Jam 2K16.

Not in the habit of linking videos that already have 100k+ YouTube views, but it’s a Rodrigo remix with all his best footage from Parental Advisory and onward.

Another shot at a skate video soundtrack database. Seems simple enough.

They thought he was Future…”

“I assume I don’t need to recite for all of you the stats, between videos’ migration to Instagram and Vine and whatnot, all the private TFs, and the swelling rosters that pack the remaining full-lengths… I mean, it is really, really tough out there for any character actor, regardless of tenure or talent, to get meaningful screen time in skate videos these days.”

Polar vid is premiering in New York next Tuesday. “Details soon.”

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Still a joy to have Vince Carter in the league. Here’s a three-point shot from inside the opposite side’s three-point line. Also, this Times piece on the National Basketball League of Canada is amazing. It’s like the basketball version of Slapshot, but in 2016 and sans fights et al.

Quote of the Week: “My ass is getting too fat, I need to start jogging.” — Matt Perez


THIRSTY!!!!!!!! (Updated Premiere Info)

July 31st, 2008 | 4:29 am | Daily News | No Comments


From the man himself:

“Hey so if you could just post something saying that the 5pm showing is starting exactly at 5 so people get there at like 4:45. And the 6pm showing will start at 5:45 sharp. Also the after party will be at:

The Stanton Chapter
176 Stanton Street(Between Clinton and Attorney)
NY, NY 10002

@ 8PM”

Click here for the party flyer

Click Here for the Premiere Flyer

Chapman Video Throwaways

March 28th, 2008 | 1:44 am | Video & Remixes | 2 Comments


Back to regular updates, as opposed to marginally relevant things that have gone up on here in the past few weeks. Jeremy Cohan sent me this outtakes clip from the Chapman video that premiered back in October. The video itself is due out in April on DVD, and is allegedly supposed to be super-cheap (under $5 cheap), which I’m sure is quite welcome since the last video worth putting out any money on was $30 for Fully Flared back in December. And remember, when this is up on the Transworld site in a few weeks, QS had it first.

Features Mike Marks, Keith Denley, Luke Malaney, Brendan Leddy and Jake Johnson.

And while on the topic of videos, Justin has been posting throwaway clips on every Thursday in anticipation for his upcoming video, Thirsty.

New Thirsty Teaser

October 21st, 2007 | 6:40 pm | Daily News | 10 Comments


Justin White is making a Jersey-based video, due out Spring 2008. A teaser clip for it was screened between the Chapman video and Static III at the premiere this past Thursday, but here is it for extensive viewing pleasure. New Thirsty Teaser. For the record, once this video comes out, it is going to change the world’s outlook on pretty much everything.

Let Me Put You On..

June 4th, 2007 | 10:48 pm | Daily News | 4 Comments

Art school grads, get your slip ons and soy milk lattes ready, Popills has a new clip up so all of you can keep swagger-jacking ideas off Lord White.

Appearantly, “real skaters” are marked by their appreciation of weed, at least thats what overweight, 40-year-old potheads with the vocabulary of a South Park character say. Click here to see Billy Rohan piss off some potheads who take a certain plant way too seriously.

The Ready Amongst Willing aka RAW website is definitley worth checking out for some sick photos, some write-ups, and a solid montage.