Aliens & robo-toys & flashing lights & segways & beetles & of course, seagulls


Danny Weiss did not see the new Alien video, but if he did, I am sure he would have this exact list of observations:

1. Dylan has certifiably the best outfits out there. I’m not sure if it is his waxed jeans and tank-top or his ballerina shoes or just how his hair flows so freely in the breeze, but he is just so dreamy. Hi!
2. Morrisey ender parts are the best. They just add such a depth and vulnerability to the skating that is not necessarily there when you don’t skate to a song they play every sunday at Sway.
3. Flashing lights as interludes are so sick!
4. The Flipmode video is better than Mind Field.
5. Steve Berra does a good half-cab flip but Joseph Delgado could have filmed a better part in an hour.
6. The old(er) dudes are still running things in 2009. Even though most of their best parts have already passed (See here, here, or here) the older dudes are still more fun to watch than the dreamy and cute ones. Not everyone can be Carroll and be better than every single one of their teenager/early-20s teammates when they’re in their thirties. Hi Dylan!
7. Photosynthesis will always be the best video that’s not Mouse.
8. Tyler Bledsoe’s song made me want to put on a maroon deep-V and boogie. Tyler Bledsoe also sounds like a snowboarder.
9. Having “every trick be a banger” when its in New York is more of an achievement than having a “every trick is a banger” part filmed anywhere else.
10. Apparently, if you try really hard, it’s possible to switch backside flip over an apartment building.
11. Segways are the new seagulls.

DVD in stores Friday, February 6th, 2009

P.S. If you haven’t seen it, Papparlardo has a five-minute long comeback part. Skating Seaport, the Banks and Red Benches.