#QSTOP10 — November 25, 2022

This might’ve been the most stacked week to stuff one of these into ten selections ever — the suggestion board was up to 31 inclusions, with ten from Deep Fried’s Pescado and ten from the new Element video (shout out Element 2022) alone. (It was so fuckin’ busy out there that it was almost like we forgot Atlantic Drift returned last week!)

And no matter where you stood on the original issue, it’s pretty tough to deny that Tyshawn going back to re-do the switch ollie from another angle — just to post it online and end the debate — is a beautiful holiday movie 🎄 Love a trick that has multiple narrative arcs, yaknow?

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Five Favorite Parts With Neil Herrick

Photo by Sam McKenna
Interview by Farran Golding

The year started off with this series talking to Tony Hawk, so it felt appropriate to bring it closer to home as we wind it down.

Neil Herrick has the distinction of dropping one of the first great parts this year — filmed locally or otherwise — in Brandon Stepanow’s Open Container video, which is definitely worth running back if February feels like an eternity ago. It had a timeless, gimmick-free feeling of a section that could be dropped into any video from any era of street skating and fit, so we had Farran ask Neil about his inspirations.

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Marcello Campanello’s Maxallure Part

We’ve been fans of Marcello’s skateboarding since even before he closed out Canal’s Mode video, which feels like the part that truly put him on everybody’s radar.

In recent years, he’s gotten properly hooked up from Karl Watson’s imprint, Maxallure Skateboards, and got surprised with a pro board last week. In celebration of the pro nod, him and Diego Donival put together a new part (you probably remember that Marcello also had a quick section in Diego’s Potluck video from late 2019.) Heavy on the footage in Marcello’s hometown borough, with much of the rest set entirely in New York, plus two Bay Area closer clips :)

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No Venmo in Canada G!

Congrats to Marcello Campanello for going pro for Max Allure last week 🏆 Came across this loosies comp on YouTube just after it went down. Also, run back our interview with Marcello from a year ago in case you missed it, and maybe there’s another lil’ surprise due on here soon ;)

ICYMI: The teaser for Supreme and Bill Strobeck’s new video, Play Dead, dropped on Friday.

DUPLEX 4 coming soon. This YouTube review of DUPLEX 3 should get you hyped.

Crazy Ass Paterson Skaters posted the recap from their second “Land or Slam” event, where they just mob to street spots throughout Paterson, New Jersey giving out cash + product for tricks. It has the freeform feel of a skate contest from a distant past, just done for the sake of doing it. That tre flip into the kinked bank downtown and the one-foot hill bomb were wild 😮

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#QSTOP10 — November 18, 2022

Slow news week around the office, but picking up next week :) Plus, December is always a whirlwind around here.

Otherwise, this week we got CEO Trayle‘s license plate, a mind fuck of a back big spin, a front nose that Max Palmer would no-doubt approve of, and a nollie heel into some …slime. Have a great weekend ❤️

Fun “on this day in history” fact for our fellow adults: Pretty Sweet premiered in New York exactly ten years ago, today.

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