Thursday Night Footage Round-Up

A lot of big things happened today — Bridgeport got shook by a massive thunderstorm, soccer goons got a 48 hour head start on drinking for Saturday’s game, Beanie Sigel tried to attract attention to himself once again by dissing Jay-Z (and mentioning that he will slap Drake if they ever happen to be in the same room, which would be absolutely priceless footage, but like 98% of things that rappers say, it’ll never happen), etc. But none of that is going to be discussed here.

So, before you’re off to celebrate the 80-percent completion of the work week with a cold Peroni, a password (JUST KIDDING!), and an impending hangover, here is a round-up of several entertainment bits discovered on the internet in the past several days. Also, make sure to punch that one token friend you have in the face. You know, the asshole that slept outside for a cell phone last night and won’t stop talking about it for the next week. Copping a Nextel for the summer.

The most important thing comes first.

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On a 24-Hour, Quarter Snack Diet

Photo by Jason Lecras

It seems like everybody with an iPhone or an extraneous TD Bank account yielding a free Flip Cam has a video blog nowadays. And while it’s fairly clear that nobody involved with Quarter Snacks is a technology nut (the clips are filmed with a camera that has been more or less out of general use by skateboarders since 2005, so you can draw your own conclusions, plus I was running Final Cut 3 up until a few weeks ago), it is safe to say that the advent of the recently announced savior of the human race (“Oh there’s a new app that stops the BP oil spill”), will only increase the ease with which video updates make their way to the internet. Not that we have ever pledged the infamous “if you’re don’t own an Apple, you’re better off with a pen and a legal pad” philosophy that seems to exist in certain circles, or the Switch Mike equivalent, “any phone that isn’t an iPhone is useless” sort of thinking, but that phone is absolutely insane. If it’s as good in low-light settings as it claims to be (it won’t), there will be a clip every week. I mean, there’s a skateboarder in the picture for it, so clearly, the thing is made for filming skateboarding. Let’s just hope that the 5G has a screenshot of the Black Filmer blog in the ad campaign for it.

Anyway, there’s a new flip cam footage clip up. Filmed by Josh Velez, featuring all the staples of flip cam and cell phone clips: TF footage, 12th & A footage, McCarren Park footage, double angles, poorly lit spots, Billy Dee Williams spewing racial epithets about Italians, and several other pleasant surprises.

Features Matthew Mooney, Ty Lyons, Josh Velez, Brian Delatore, Curtis Rapp, Sweet Waste, Keith Denley, Black Dave, (Andre Paige BGPs), Miles Marquez, Kevin Tierney, Adrian Vega, Andrei Kirilenko, Zerred Basset, Ritch, Alex Mosley, and Ben Nazario.

In addition to that, today marks THE MUSIC EVENT OF THE CENTURY or something like that (at least if you let “leading industry experts” tell it), and it taught us that Drake somehow has male fans. Or, male fans that aren’t Switch Mike. So we had to include something to “fix” one of his songs, since you know, they all sound better when they’re not his songs. Buy Pastor Troy’s album instead.

Anyways, the clip and download link is embedded after the jump.

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