The 11th & Wythe Conspiracy

It’s official — The Wythe Street / KCDC Ledge is done for. The building is blocked off with construction-ish things, and seems to be under a full-scale renovation. It was always harder to skate than it should have been, due to the fact that concrete overflowed above the metal lip, but was still one of the better ledges in the entire borough.

Which brings us to the conspiracy: After Tyler Bledsoe shot da most urban sequence of his career (one that incorporates the entire facade of the building, mind you, so they went out of their way to make it extra “urban”), the building gets mysteriously placed under renovation after years of neglect, sealing the ledge off from those who have spent years being frustrated with the ledge’s five-block distance from the nearest corner store. This seems to be an emerging trend, taken from the guidebooks of California rail assassins, afraid of their painstaking efforts being one-upped by twelve-year-olds deterred by bike chains wrapped around the given rail. Except taken to the next level…presumably something along the lines of a Burton and Transworld collaboration that commissioned a full-on demolition of the building, if not a mere un-urbanization of its exterior, to prevent a one-uppage by a westcoaster looking for some “urban points,” forever solidifying young Tyler’s proven capabilities of skating graffiti covered buildings.

Never need an excuse to post the video below. You can complain about “ledge dancing” all you want if you’re one of those dummies, but you cannot knock this trick. Marc Johnson is the only one that does stuff like this, and he sure as hell doesn’t do it on crummy ledges in Brooklyn with the concrete rising above the metal lip. Youness Amrani from the QS Nike SB montage from the summer, plus some outtakes.