Another One


Look at it this way — that day in March, or April, or August when it’s sixty degrees, YG’s album is released, and girls are outside wearing chill dresses will be glorious, like getting out of jail after being wrongfully sentenced. Until then, the skateboard internet has been generally slow, QS’ editorial department that specializes in #originalcontent has been backed up with half-completed ventures, and we are still distracted with finalizing details for spring merch.

You’ll probably need stuff to watch these next few days. These are a few things that were released during that Thursday-Sunday spurt of somewhat tolerable outdoor conditions. Only getting to them now, so apologies if they are from 1994 by internet standards. An addendum to Monday Links, if you will…


Depending on how long you’ve been perusing the skateboard internet, you may remember Post 22 in its heyday. It was a North Carolina website, which at the time, almost singlehandedly elevated the production values expected of a typical web clip. This was before YouTube, before full lengths were readily available online outside of #sk8videos on IRC; they were among the first to make Quicktime montages that looked like professional videos with unknown talent.

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