Yes, someone has a Supreme face tattoo

In many years of going to Supreme, after seeing numerous other name-brand logo tattoos come in and out (mostly Jordan and Nike related), we have speculated on the possibility of someone on this planet having a box logo tattooed on their skin. This guy went ahead and got it in script on his face.

I once saw a dude in downtown Portland with a slice of pizza tattooed on his face. In hindsight, that seems relatively tame given our current post-Gucci Mane society.

(This is in Supreme L.A., not New York. No clue where this photo came from.)

Trife Look of the Week

It’s always interesting when there’s a person lying unconscious, who could just as easily be dead, on the steps of a known two-second bust skate spot without any sort of attention from the security window a mere forty feet away. Especially when everyone knows damn well that the guards would run out of the building up in arms the second you threw your board down on the plaza.

Looking dead in the middle of Midtown > Skateboarding in it.