Winter Video Round-Up: Shake Junt, Nike SB & Sk8Mafia

Two white cups and I got that drink, could be purple and could be pink…

(Just realized the phrase “Winter Video Round-Up” originates from Boil the Ocean, so shout out to that guy.)

It will be snowing in a few weeks, and the average length of a skate video in 2011 is about as long as the original cut of Once Upon a Time in America. So, if you didn’t watch a lot of full videos this year, you’re about to have an opportune time to do so. (Just kidding, we’ll all probably just go to the bar, right?) Here are three that came out in the past few weeks, and will likely be the last major releases until the spring.

Shake Junt — Chickenbonenowison

Shake Junt is the only company with the luxury of being able to make a digestible, 68-minute video. They are self-aware enough to acknowledge their position as mainstream skateboarding’s last remaining purveyor of ignorance and hi-jinx. Their latest can thus justify straying away from the skate video’s natural function of being watched as motivation prior to actual skating, because the company’s videos serve as a superior post-session viewing experience. While watching Chickenbonenowison, thoughts of beer and similar intoxicants are as, if not more, prevalent as thoughts of nollie flips, which is why it was made to be viewed as an interlude between the day’s skate session and the night’s party-related activities (hopefully with a thirty pack and a group of friends.)

While we solved the question of why this video would allow itself to run so long, several other questions remain. For instance: It’s good to know that Antwuan Dixon and Shawn Powers have the same “Song of the Year 2011” vote, but why on earth does he own a Drake shirt? How responsible was QS in the video’s inclusion of a lighter, more rap-oriented Andrew Reynolds and Bryan Herman shared part, given that we fixed the two that originally appeared in Stay Gold? And finally, could Steve Nash possibly be Bryan Herman’s father?

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