Salute to Private Marquez

Who would have thought that in those ten-plus years since Quartersnacks’ principal shareholders first met on the 47th Street side of the FedEx building in Midtown Manhattan, one would get married, and another would leave for the Army a mere two weeks later.

Having known Miles through his little kid days, his 2XL mesh Foot Locker jersey and du-rag era, his P-Rod phase, his fascination with vintage tee-shirts and tight jeans, a brief identity crisis when he became East 86th Street’s first-ever hick, a comeback, a period of loving Anti-Hero and shouting hilarious obscenities at his then-girlfriend, a stint as a disgruntled Supreme employee during which he asked me to be his personal bank account because he didn’t trust himself with his own money, and his most recent undercover cop / fisherman phase, it’s easy to say that his presence in our lives and involvement with this little website will be missed while he is off defending our country.

No matter how many times we may have wanted to punch him for it, every group of friends needs that one asshole that will force them to drive a rental car to Atlantic City at 3 A.M. so he could only win enough money to break even on the rental, take an unnecessary amount of whiskey shots that he just spent a day’s worth of pay on, or pull up to Astor Place at midnight blasting “I’m So Paid” in a car containing thirty Roman candles and a thirty-pack of Budweiser to ask the question “Who wants to come to Sayerville?”

Needless to say, he would do 90 in a 65 the whole way to the park.

Be safe out there, Miles.

Above is Miles’ part from the last “Best of QS” video, Can’t Ban the Snackman 2 (2008). Watching it has sparked up an interest in maybe throwing together a third volume, depending how this winter goes. The worse the winter, the more likely it is to happen.

If you have any good Miles stories or want to call him out for drunkenly trying to fight you at the Fish in the summer of 2007, please use the comments to do so.

Midnight Links

Photo by The Sweiss. (Sway + The Weiss = The Sweiss.)

The Cooper Union bank spot is a wrap.

“Tied Together” montage featuring Ty Lyons, Kevin Tierney, Black Dave, and a few others. Most importantly, it contains hood legend Geo Moya, so its worth going through all the footage of people talking and running through London with matching tee shirts. Next time you rip a pair of laces mid-session, drop the extra $4 and spend it on a good cause.

What happens when you breed an iPhone 4 with a VX1000 via RB Umali.

Danny Weiss AKA Sweiss once said that “The Philosopher is literally one of my favorite people in New York City.” After watching this clip, it’s unlikely anyone could disagree.

Here’s some more circa-2008 footage of Loose Trucks Max. If you missed the initial post, you can catch up over here.

Dylan James is sick. Jersey Dave is backing him.

Everyone’s seen it, but the Billy-Rohan-goes-to-Iraq story is the skateboard headliner of the summer. “Take the hottest day in New York and put a blow dryer to your face – that’s how it feels in Iraq.”

Even though it’s out of our jurisdiction, everyone should check out Grey Skate Mag over in the UK. I’ve never really been up on Euro skate mags, and the only European skate institutions we tend to be closely familiar with on this side of the pond are PWBC and Cliché, but these dudes have some great photos, especially the black and white ones in the Jensen interview, so they’re well on their way to joining the ranks.

If you didn’t grow up listening to Hot 97 in the late-90s / early-2000s, you need to get over to Cipha Sounds’ list of the top 75 Greatest Tunnel Bangers. Pretty much the best rap music in existence, aside from maybe UGK and Raekwon’s first album.

Quote of the Week: – Young Geographically Astute New York Female: “Where do you live, anyway?
– T-Bird: “145th and Eighth.
– Young Geographically Astute New York Female: “Really? I thought Manhattan, like, ended at 125th.

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Drunk-before-3 Links

Billy Rohan has been posting even more photos from Iraq over on his blog, that include visits to Saddam’s Palace, a Blackhawk ride, Miami handrail replicas, and a tour of the Iraqi 12th & A.

KCDC made a video featuring Danny Falla, Rob Gonyon, Bill Pierce, Derek Ziemkiewicz, Black Dave, Corey Rubin, and Shawn Powers. You can watch the artistically inclined trailer here.

Official Pre-2k release date is July 10, 2010, not June 25th. Review here.

Although no more lame than the “I Love Haters” graphic that can be seen on everyone from leading Pharell impersonators to Jersey Shore castmember siblings, something about DGK’s latest endeavor, “I Love Biters,” doesn’t quite sound right.

Stay Stackin’ is a Jersey-based website that has been putting out pretty great video clips for a minute, but the latest one is particularly impressive, part due to the wonderful soundtrack choice, and partially because it features a Hartford tailslide that Marquez got murdered on two years ago. That spot (the ledge to bank that is in there on several occasions) is one of the greatest examples of video footage not doing justice to a spot that seems to pervade an overwhelming amount of spots in the Northeast.

Cam, Juelz, and Jimmy are making music together again. Nobody cares that much, due to the fact that all parts of the Diplomat equation not named Cameron kinda suck now, but if you do care…

How to Get Out of Jury Duty — Kanye West Edition

Quote of the Week


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Coffee Links

Call 9-1-1, it’s an emergency!

Apparently, there’s a program where you fly to Iraq, and in between combat, intelligence operations, and training, you build ramps with Saddam’s palace in the background. Billy Rohan went to Iraq and posted up some photos. It seems like the military is really open to these things, because it is not the first time it has happened.

Given how easy it is to merely assume skateboarders are all idiots, it is always good to read something like this that can remind us that some of our colleagues are actually capable of something beyond hating on video parts, drinking beer, and occasionally going a good kickflip back tail, in addition to showing the world that there’s more to it than ruining some ledges nobody else cared about to begin with.

The City of Philadelphia (as in, the government and public officials, not the people in Philadelphia) never ceases to be the worst, most youth-hating place on the East coast. How the hell do you skatestop a spot on top of blowing tons of money on “skate proofing” it via renovation six years ago? Not that it is really going to stop anybody, but Love Park has actually been skatestopped (seriously.) Spotted via Skate Nerd.

Habitat posted some ads for their upcoming Origin video on their Facebook page.

Some photos of Westchester’s Jose Pereya (of Dos Sandias infamy) on the Skateboarder Magazine website.

Number two on the Quartersnacks shortlist of insanely underrated video parts. So ridiculously ahead of its time. I had some shitty VHS dub of all the Plan B videos I got off eBay for $20 back in like 2000, before I knew anything and only watched the videos for Duffy and Rodney Mullen, but even then, knowing what year the last trick was in, it never made sense. It kind of helps that it’s set to one of the best hip hop songs to ever be in a skate part as well. The best nollie halfcab flip ever probably makes up for the switch willy grind he does afterwards.

New Jersey is still the realest state in the country, anybody saying otherwise, can save it. It is probably the only place you can get the quickest, bite-sized (in terms of state size) microcosmic tour of America. Red necks, yuppies, hoods, white trash, the mafia, Jay-Z, industrial waste, fields in Secaucus full of dead bodies, corrupt politicians, other rich people, regular white people, Cubans, Asians, Mexicans, Fred Gall, etc. — no other state packs in America within tight, polluted, and hard-to-navigate packaging like Jersey.

Before Kobe begins discussing how many more rings he has than Shaq, maybe he should consider talking about how many rings he has because of Shaq.

QS-favorite, Lil’ Boosie indicted for first-degree murder. Crazy one.

Quote of the Week:I would’ve gotten away [from the police] if it wasn’t for my fucking Destructo trucks.” – Anonymous Degenerate

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“Yo, you know what? That’s the lifestyle he chose.”


People change. It is a pretty standard fact of life. Whether it is you, and your gradual shift in music tastes, as you discover the artistic merits of Morrisey and the ignorance that accompanies records focused on being shot nine times, or your high school sweetheart coming back a lesbian after her first semester of college — our lives are peppered with moments of dissonance that call for reevaluations, both small and large, of those who we call friends.

One day, I started to notice that my friend Michael Gigliotti was starting to change. He wasn’t growing breasts or going bald, but there was something different about him.

I first met Michael in the back of Union Square. Several friends and I had played him in a game of skate, and he inevitably won in a shut out since he was in fact from Santa Monica, and thus grew up skating the Hollywood High School 16 stair, while me and my friends grew up skating the Seaport and Red Benches, so frankly, it was a really unfair game.

From that point on, we were really good friends. We would see obscure, black and white, Scandanavian films in revival houses together, get later’d at the Fish, write poetry in our blood on yellow looseleaf sheets of paper and subsequently paperclip them to unsuspecting girl’s scrunchies, and occasionally skateboard when the New York City Board of Fashionability deemed it fashionable (typically, this happened three times a year between 2005-2007 and has happened once a year since 2008).

But slowly, Mike decided to lose interest in skateboarding. He’d show up to our favorite ledge wearing maroon eyeliner. Oftentimes, he’d wear platform shoes with weird inscriptions carved into the sole that had cryptic messages about how life was obsolete and how the worthlessness of the human condition was a product of the government and George Bush’s plan for destroying the rain forest so it could be traded to Al Queda in exchange for trendy Arab scarves worn by college students and maybe oil wells. He would still skate sometimes, but usually, he would try tricks like shove-it willy grinds on handrails, and heelflip body varials down double sets in Midtown Manhattan. One day, I tried to learn nollie half cab flips and he told me that I was a “conformist that would lead a life subservient to the government while being wholly complacent with my ignorance to George Bush’s great plan for wiping out New Jersey and deporting every great indie band.” I asked him to clarify, and then he focused my board and I have not seen him since.

Yesterday, I opened up my e-mail and say a message entitled “Long time no see” from an e-mail account that I soon learned was connected to a radical environmentalist group located in desert that is responsible for fundraising so they could campaign a freegan president in the 2012 election, just about a hundred miles outside of Los Angeles in the desert (although some reports say he has been spotted at Cafe Orlin on Saturday mornings.) Attatched to the e-mail, was this clip. A large departure from Michael’s former Westside Connection, Late-90s No Limit and Cramps inspired filmmaking, but I guess he’s changed. Whether its for the best or the worst, you be the judge.

Clip embedded after the jump. Features Miles Marquez, Michael Gigliotti, Alex Olson, Watermelon Alex, some jerk.

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