People Come and Visit When the Weather is Nice


Same shit, different decade.

The new Chromeball Incident post is too good to set aside for a Monday link…

In the late nineties, Ted Newsome ran these two-page spreads in Transworld — back when Transworld ran content that people would now associate more closely with Slap. They were quite obviously inspired by Eli Gesner’s scrapbook Zoo York ads, but with not as much of an overt hip-hop vibe. The scrawlings and blurbs that surrounded Newsome’s photos sounded more like excerpts from some stream of consciousness diary entry than the shittalking that often got included in the liner notes of rap CDs. Be on the lookout for key minutiae, like Burritoville receipts (R.I.P.) and familiar memories of Christmases that were too warm.

The concept would later be expanded to other cities and Dimitry Elyashkevich even opted to parody its layout and poetic ramblings. Angry New York skaters were still mad about outsiders moving in fifteen years ago! Technology just allowed them to move to anonymous comment sections of regional websites.

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