Uh, so apparently there’s now a Tumblr for skateboard-themed pornography (NSFW)

skate porn

It should go without saying that this is the first NSFW post in this website’s seven-year history. If you’re at work or on the iPad you got your mom for Christmas, don’t click any of the links.

There is a hyper-specified (or completely inconsistent) Tumblr for everything, and that now includes skateboard-themed pornography. We’ve been expecting something like this since the night in 2008 when an anonymous QS associate dreamt up a hypothetical L.E.S.-based porn start-up, “Chicks From Max Fish.com.”

Despite a horribly uninspired name, Xtreme Babes has a deep understanding of its target audience. The content is well above the exposed vagina threshold of a rudimentary “A BUNCH OF PIX OF HOT GIRLS ON SKATEBOARDZ” Complex Google Image Search gallery. Focusing on tattooed white girls who probably hate their fathers, a common specimen found in broke skater bars throughout America, Xtreme Babes’ triumph is more in the “core”-targeted details than the nudity. At first, only surface level “core” signifiers like Independent shirts and Peter Ramondetta pro models are evident. However, the nuances get more “core” as photos incorporate a VX2000 with a death lens, Mike Vallely’s defunct wheel company, and even a Puleo Infamous graphic that had its art rights sold to K-Mart. Nudity is everywhere on the internet (and none of the nudity here depicts any rice and bean fed figures, so who cares), but nudity alongside Zorlac stickers?!?

Assuming that skate porn sites end up on #trendwatch2013, expect Xtreme Babes’ “core” status to be exalted on the eight-page “Brazzers Makes a Skate Site, Corporations Are Ruining Skate Porn” Slap topic in November.