“Never succumb to the temptation of bitterness.”

Not that much happened on the internet this past week. Everything related to skateboarding was eclipsed by Daewon Song and Brandon Westgate, while all other non-skate news was put aside once Gucci tatted an ice cream cone on his face with his trademark “Burrr” misspelled (notice the ‘U’ or lack thereof.) But either way, here are some things that surfaced, which you have probably seen.

If you’re active on Tumblr, please re-blog this initial post of the Quartersnacks cruiser board to help get the ball rolling on it. Depending on how FedEx pulls through, they should be at the door sooner than later.

A two-year-old, but seldom seen clip that reinforces this website’s opinion that the T.F. is one of New York’s finest cultural institutions, regardless of what ups and downs it has been through these past several years.

Although as of late, Taji has been focussed on his journalist / documentarian grind and thus on the board a bit less, you can still catch footage of him with the Acapulco Gold squad ripping at the House of Vans park.

KCDC Skateshop re-designed their website and draped it out with some new content.

The thirteenth installment of the T.C. mixtapes from out in Michigan is more than worth ten minutes of your time. Witnessing insane things being done on ledges is always more fun to watch when there’s some sketchiness involved, in that it adds a tangible and human feeling to the skating. None of us are ever coming close to landing anything Shane O’Neill manages to casually pull off, so it’s good to sometimes remind ourselves that imperfect rollaways exist in the terrestrial world. All-around solid video with a musical affinity for remixes as opposed to original versions, but whatever.

While on the topic of ledges, allow me to quote one of my associates: “When you talk about ‘style icons,’ we think about Rob Welsh.” His first line at Third and Army in Madness remains to be one of 2010’s brightest moments, but you already knew that.

The (big?) 360 flip debate. Where you stand invariably has to do with what decade you were born in. Dylan looks so wonderful doing it “the new school way,” so we’re kind of torn between a choice over here.

Quote of the Week:We must remember that intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character — that is the goal of true education. The complete education gives one not only power of concentration, but worthy objectives upon which to concentrate.” If you’re in, about to go, or going back to college, read this one. It’s important, and for the attention span deficient, short.

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Every album like a bird

I like how you go out of your way to only put street stuff on your website, yet you have essentially made a 1980s vert board.

This is merely a preview for oncoming endeavors in 2011. You have probably heard of Wu-Tang Skateboards. Remember that song where Waka said, “Brick Squad we the new Wu-Tang?” While it’s temping to start laying out blueprints for Bricksquad Skateboards (we’re more than open to sitting down and discussing possibilities over coffee, except that Radric seems devoted to never allowing the legions of “Free Gucci” tee shirts buried in wardrobes across America to go to waste), we should keep in mind that such a overt logo switch up probably wouldn’t sit well given the artistic origins of the tee shirt that inspired the skateboard. You might have already knew that.

Since “CTE Skateboards” doesn’t have that *ring* to it, also considering that DGK has the three-letter acronym, rap-inspired company thing kind of locked, and The Diplomats have always seemed more interested in building a rollerblade team, we went our own route. Not going to say anything in regards to availability as of yet. Let’s just say, expect them after the coming batch of QS tee shirts (sorry if you e-mailed me about one and I haven’t gotten back to you, they’re on their way), but before the potential to acquire the Quartersnacks Varsity Jacket.