Barcelona Update 1 of ?: Damm Lemon Edition

“I used to skate” on the way up to MACBA

Apparently, New York just had the hottest day since 1977. (No blackouts, right?) It’s gone above 80 degrees in Barcelona twice in the past week, so diverting your party money to a summer 2012 refuge fund might be a wise idea.

Below is a brief clip featuring Andre Page, Josh Velez, and Daniel Lebron. For those who may not know, one of the key perks of Barcelona for Americans is the legal “grey area” that exists for beer consumed on the street. Damm Lemon is one of the three key beverages (the others being Damm Estrella and water) for American travelers in the city. (Visible here along with other consumer goods unavailable to the American market, like marijuana flavored beer and Lays cheeseburger potato chips.)

We’ve only hit maybe 25% of the spots on the list, and have three days left, so hopefully there will be another quick Damm Estrella edit up in the next couple of days, in addition to a more extensive one later in the summer. Shout out to all the locals, and everyone over at Nike for looking out for us.

Alternate YouTube Link

A handful of readers from Norway have gotten in touch with us in the past, our condolences go out to you guys and your country. Keep your heads up.


Watching the district attorney’s office play softball at Tompkins every day is getting tiresome, so a handful of us (even EJ!) will be in Barcelona for the following week. There’s not much that could beat New York in the summertime, but this and an endless landscape of marble ledges certainly does, at least for seven days.

There’s a schedule of regular, non-Barcelonian updates lined up for the week. The word is that bandwidth in Spain sucks, but we will definitely rig a few updates abroad. The number one goal of this trip is to obtain as much Daniel Lebron Flocka James footage as possible, followed by filming for EJ’s rumored “leaving New York this fall” / going away part. Below is a homie cam clip that Joe Cups put together two winters ago, when Ty, Pryce, Charles, and a few others were out there while we were getting snowed on in New York. The actual skating starts at approximately 1:40. Isak’s Barcelona write-up from his European escapades in 2006 is also essential reading for anyone that may soon be making the trip out there as well. It offers plenty of details on the phone sex infomercials, gypsies, measures for evading law enforcement, etc.

See you in a week.