History Lesson


The following is an article written by Eli Gesner that originally appeared in the August 1997 issue of Strength Magazine. It was then featured as the ‘About’ section of the original Zoo York website. The article itself is a very detailed history of Zoo York’s creation as a company, and as a crew dating back to the 1970s, but the overall scope of it serves as a rather comprehensive history of New York skateboarding’s early history altogether. It’s a pretty informative and entertaining read, because detailed skateboarding histories like this rarely come to light. Hopefully that all starts to change, but until then, here’s one for the archive…


Before I get on with anything, I want the world to know that there are hundreds of people over decades of history who devoted their lives to the legacy and culture of New York City skateboarding. I only have this limited space to express a story that could fill a book. So before anything else, respect and love to all those forgotten in these passages. This shit ultimately means nothing anyway, all our people will be in our hearts forever. You know who you are.

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