Video Review: Not Another Transworld Video

The past seven or eight years of Transworld DVDs seem like a blur, but specific memories of a Peter Smolik comeback, Dylan Reider’s first major impossible tailgrab, and Richie Jackson’s striped bell bottoms left lasting impressions. The videos have always been vehicles to hype up the latest to-be / just-recently-turned pro, with one or two classic parts that will continue on with a prolonged shelf life. Transworld got worried about any potential redundancies in their video formula, and self-referentially named their latest Not Another Transworld Video. Maybe it is not another Transworld video because it is filmed (mostly? all?) in HD (this website isn’t an expert on formats by any means), with the assistance of some footage that looks like it came from a GoPro.

Although Transworld is a year late for the Waka Flocka train, the recently-pro Theotis Beasley skates to “Hard in the Paint” for the video’s opener, and it works wonderfully. The part is a bit more lighthearted than your typical Transworld section, in a way that makes it feel like the best part you’ve seen in a homie video. They chop up the skating with candid shots of iPod diddy bop sessions, Facebook browsing, and best of all, him standing in a pool wearing a full suit and tie. The skating switches between tech manual and ledge tricks, large bigspin heelflips, flip-in tricks down hubba ledges, and the patented double backside flips, double back heels, and even double half-cab flips. After this part, it may round him out to be the most versatile dude on Baker. (Speaking of Baker, they need to put Forrest Edwards on already. Nevermind.)

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