Hop Up Off the Airplane…

free buzz 2 mooney

Photo by Eby Ghafarian

Now that everybody had a day to settle down after shocking skate industry news realizing the Knicks could quite easily be the first team in professional basketball history to blow a 0-3 playoff series lead…

The follow up to last fall’s controversial avant-Galen film, Free Buzz, is now online. With the recent incarceration of Young Scooter / The Juelz Santana of the 2010s, the release of the G-Man’s video variant of the Dollar Stories franchise is timely, as Scooter scores the entire soundtrack. (To think Habitat went to Colombia and didn’t edit their clip to the only song that should ever be used for a Colombia-themed skate clip. But then again, it’s Habitat.) It also sets an interesting precedent of re-using a song two videos in a row. MMM is edited by book review extraordinaire, and the only man in the streets still using a Flip Cam (#2010), Galen Dekemper.

It features the Shawn Powers part you were never meant to see — watch here.