High School Artifacts

Despite Danny’s “2004-2005” labeling, this video was completely filmed in 2004, with maybe a few instances of mid-to-late 2003 in between. By the time 2005 had rolled around, Danny was heavy into capital-F fashion and devising mildly racist reasoning as to why white people over the age of eighteen can be written off as immature if they listen to rap music. (This was also three years after Danny Weiss handed me over his walkman while sitting on the TF bench with “Bad News” playing, and asked if I had heard of this 50 Cent character.) The Miles of 2005 was wearing weird tee shirts, skating with a cassette player after falling on his iPod too many times (The cassette player would later break on an intoxicated, 6 A.M. Indoor Ten ollie attempt amidst weekday morning commuter traffic) and preparing for two-years in college that were almost completely spent on academic probation. So, yeah, this is wholly a product of junior year in high school, and not a year later. (It was also the summer that 12th and A was discovered, as you can see from the abundance of fresh benches and bare walls.)

So if you’re in high school now, you’re going to have a lot of weird facts to remember about your friends four or five years down the line, as everyone’s going through a phase where they worry about making themselves different and “unique” right before college, and attempt to convince the world that they were once not adamant 50 Cent fans. Also, eighty-percent of people in New York get worse at skating after their nineteenth birthday because they discover less noble activities. So keep that in mind if you’re going to be rude enough to compare it with this website’s current output.

Merry Christmas

Here’s the annual jazzy mood piece. Filmed throughout the past three months. Twenty-percent of the total eleven minutes was filmed on one miraculous twenty-five degree night in Midtown, something that is otherwise unprecedented in all of our over-eighteen-years-of-age existences. Complete Christmas miracle if there ever was one. Thanks to everyone who supported, visited, and spread the word about Quartersnacks this past year. First person who points out the grape soda BGPs gets a free Quartersnacks tee shirt (when the second batch comes in, which should be relatively soon.) Somebody please buy Josh a set of white wheels for Christmas, the lime is really starting to offend everyone. He’s “dreaming of a white-wheeled Christmas.”

Features: Jason Lecras, Tyler Tufty, Connor Champion, Max Palmer, Dennis Feliciano, Josh Wilson, Jersey Dave, Shawn Powers, Matthew Mooney, Billy McFeely, Torey Goodall, Vladamir Kirilenko, Thando Beschta, DJ Roctakon, Ted Barrow, Ty Lyons, Emilio Cuilan, Gabe Tennen, Pad Dowd, Galen Dekemper, Miles Marquez, Alexander Mosley, Josh Velez, Andre Page, Kevin Tierney, Geo Moya, Isak Buan, some lil’ kids, Pryce Holmes.

Big thank you to the contributing filmers: Andre Page, Dennis Feliciano, Paul Young, Joe Bressler, Martin Wilson, Larry Bao, Paulgar.

What’s the song for the Christmas clip?
John Coltrane. Nothing too crazy.
That’s corny.
The last clip I made was to ‘Fly Like a G6,’ give me a break.

Here’s an external link to download the clip as an .M4V for iPhones and iPods. 147.8MB. YouTube version here.