Out of Office Reply / Best Posts of 2012

And the award for “Outstanding Achievement in Instagram by a Pro Skateboarder” goes to

If you follow us on the ‘Gram or look at the sidebar, you may have noticed that we have been in London on “holiday” / skating Southbank / enjoying the “fun as oppossed to boring” company of Torey Goodall for the past week. Be back in a few days. List season is upon us, so expect the first installment of our annual “Events That Defined New York Skateboarding” countdown towards the middle of the week. Best of 2012 clip soon. In the meantime, browse the countdowns from previous years.

The 25 Events That Defined New York City Skateboarding in 2011: #25-21, #20-16, #15-11, #10-6, #5-1, The Best Video Part(s) of 2011

The 25 Events That Defined New York City Skateboarding in 2010: #25-21, #20-16, #15-11, #10-6, #5-1

Quartersnacks Celebrates the Decade – The 100 Most Important Events in New York City Skateboarding from 2000 to 2009: #100-91, #90-81, #80-71, #70-61, #60-51, #50-41, #40-31, #30-21, #20-11, #10-2, #1

While we’re at it, here is a list of some of the better/more popular QS posts from 2012.

January 3: A Shop For All Seasons & Forever: Memories of Autumn
January 23: Me & Torey Back to Work but We Still Smell Like a Vacation
January 27: Ishod Wair Since Day One Re-Edit
April 19: Trendwatch 2012: Summer T.F. Trend Report
April 20: Check the Stats, Check the Racks / Spring 2012 Montage
April 26: WorldStar on Skateboarding, Race & Lil’ Wayne
May 3: An Interview with Lurker Lou
May 22: Skateboarding With Pizza: Then & Now
May 30: The Zoo York Institute of Design
June 13: Dennis Busenitz Since Day One Re-Edit
July 3: Trendwatch 2012: $1,000 Griptape
July 13: Skateboarding, Rap Videos & Suspension of Disbelief
July 27: Nike SB China Bro Cam (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)
August 1: Is There Such Thing As a Bad Photo of a Backside 180 Nosegrind?
August 8: Skate Spot Porn: Shezhen, China
August 28: An Interview With Gino Iannucci
August 31: End of Summer 2012 Montage
September 6: The 30 Phattest Outfits in Skate Video History
October 2: The 10 Best Noseslides in Skateboarding History
October 17: Zered Bassett Re-Edit

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