Forrest Edwards v.s. Difficult-ass Questions, Abridged

Sry 4 da #vulgarities guyz.

We already re-edited a video part, now we re-edit an interview. Not just *a* interview, *the* video interview with the highest entertainment value since probably this.

It’s interesting that despite frequent complaints about the vanilla-ness of most skate interviews, people are still upset or concerned with this guy’s unorthodox demeanor. Everyone is suddenly a mental health professional insisting he has Aspergers or a seasoned skate industry career counselor. (It should be noted that Alex Olson, another oft polarizing interview-giver, has also been the victim of Aspergers misdiagnosis by skateboarding’s reliable band of web neurologists.) If Forrest freezing for a straight minute in light of a stupid question, saying things like “It’s Wallenburg, bitches,” or recording comments about girls’ toes for a dedicated soundboard aren’t evidence-enough of his self awareness, well, then…forget it…

Forrest owns being a troll and a bit of an asshole, even at the expense of his skateboard talents not being adequately rewarded. And God bless him for it. Here’s his recent Weekend Buzz appearance condensed to one-third of the length to highlight the most important parts. #LetForrestBeForrest

Also, how great is this shirt? (For anyone wondering, the QS version of this idea would probably include Forrest, Ben Sanchez, Ben Nazario and Ryan Hickey.)

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